Before any other news organization realized the length, depth and breadth of the multi-pronged, coordinated campaign by the “Internet Cartel” – Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Amazon, Apple and others – to silence free speech by censoring and suppressing independent, conservative and Christian expression on the Internet, WND was sounding the alarm – daily.

Here are highlights of WND’s groundbreaking reporting and analysis of what has been called the greatest assault on America’s fundamental freedoms of speech, press and religion of the 21st century.


Movie: Google bias begins with its ‘Burning Man’ chief

Twitter bans Alex Jones FOR LIFE

Religious broadcasters on tech bias: ‘Well-documented censorship’

White House free-speech petition gets 100,000 signatures – in 3 days

Rush: ‘Antitrust’ is answer to Google-Facebook

Tech company claims Google unbiased

Klayman sues tech biggies over bias, censorship

Trump could call down Congress, law on social media

1 in 3 conservatives have left or considering leaving Facebook

George Soros invests millions in social media after bashing companies

Now on table: Regulating Google, says Trump adviser

Google’s now got your MasterCard sales records!

Twitter CEO to face Congress after GOP lawmakers censored

‘Facecrook’: New website invites users to document censorship

Now on table: Regulating Google, says Trump adviser

CNN demands censorship, then calls it ‘conspiracy theory’

Google-Facebook ‘can shift 12 million votes this election’

Why Google’s ‘free stuff’ isn’t free

Revealed: Secret plot driving anti-Trump media coverage

Facebook moves to quash ‘discriminatory ads’

There’s life after Google! Big Tech’s Achilles’ heel

Soros group boasted it got Zuckerberg to attack ‘fake news’

Facebook rates users, draws comparison to Communists

Dennis Prager: Facebook apology unconvincing

Trump: ‘Very dangerous’ to trust Facebook, Twitter

Now Twitter blocks GOP candidate’s inspirational ad

Former ACLU chief: Stop banning speech!

‘Survival of our democracy depends on’ banning sites

Just a ‘crock’: Limbaugh slams Facebook claim

‘Mind-blowing plunge’: Facebook value drops by $100 billion+

Limbaugh offers to personally rescue Facebook

Pastor: Facebook throttling Christianity

Facebook caught censoring ‘I’m Matt Caldwell. I like guns’

Media push Facebook to censor Fox News!

Memo reveals Soros-funded social-media censorship plan

Soros money behind app to help illegals avoid feds



Who are the REAL haters?

Enemy No. 1: Media-technology complex

Greater danger to America: Google-Facebook or Russia?

Yes, President Trump, Google hates you!

Talk about Alex Jones censorship, get censored!

Google-Facebook spreading fake news, censoring truth

10 examples of social-media censorship

Social media free-speech controllers

The dark, ugly truth about Google is oozing out

Don’t doubt me: Democrats love censorship

The long tentacles of the ‘Speech Code Cartel’

The shocking Soros ‘Speech Code Cartel’ memo

Why you can’t trust leftists to be fair

Google-Facebook: The speech code cartel

How Google breaks the law every micro-second

How to smash the Google-Facebook monopolies

The new No.1 National crisis

The end is nigh … for Google, Facebook

You tell me why Facebook censored this ad

President Trump: Google must be stopped!

First, they came for Alex Jones …

Gilder, Google and the future of WND

Do you really care about free speech?

Google: Kind of Trump Derangement Syndrome

Does Trump know how much Google hates him?

Book banners and news controllers

Save free speech, free press, freedom of religion

Help us fight back against the Google-Facebook machine

Look who is crying out for censorship

Google-Facebook working on behalf of Democrats

The clear and present danger of Google-Facebook

Amazon Top 500 reviewer banished after Gospel rave

The death of the first freedom

21 years of WND

Let’s fight back against Twitter-Facebook-Google cartel

Limbaugh site hit with ‘deceptive’ warning

More evidence of Internet cabal’s far-left goal line

Drudge warned us all about Google, Facebook

‘Free speech issue of our time’: Tech giants trigger conservative revolt

Have web giants declared war on conservatives?

What I told Western Conservative Conference

Google rejects Christian publisher over ‘faith we express’

Endangered species: Independent media, free speech

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