It’s hard to believe, particularly by someone like me who at one time believed as a starry-eyed young federal prosecutor that joining the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) was the highest honor and calling for a lawyer. But over the years, even after I left to go back into private practice, first forming my own law firm and then conceiving of and founding Judicial Watch and later Freedom Watch, I have come to see my once proud alma mater as a despicable den of corruption. And, do not believe that DOJ has degenerated into this sorry state just under Democratic administrations. To the contrary, the DOJ now presided over by the inert and cowardly Attorney General Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions is no better, and perhaps even arguably worse, than what We the People were forced to endure under Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Hussein Obama.

Coming on the heels of rampant DOJ and FBI scandals concerning illegal FISA warrants, obtained with the fraudulent presentation of the phony Steele Dossier to naïve or politically compromised judges, and the refusal to prosecute Hillary Clinton, James Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper, Peter Strzok and Bruce Ohr for their crimes, the latest caper by Sessions’ department involves stonewalling the production of records from Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the FBI concerning their communications with the media. In this regard, just last Wednesday, Sessions’ DOJ filed an 11th-hour pleading with Judge Emmet Sullivan, one of the few truly intellectually honest and apolitical judges on the D.C. federal bench, incredulously claiming that these communications – which are likely to show illegal criminal grand jury leaks by Mueller and his prosecutorial staff – could not be produced by the court-ordered deadline of Sept. 4, 2018.

Judge Sullivan, after many months of calculated delay by Mueller, the FBI and the unethical lawyers at DOJ who represent them concerning a complaint I was forced to file when Freedom Watch’s FOIA request was ignored, had put his judicial foot down and thus ordered Mueller and the FBI to “come clean” by this date.

The significance of obtaining this likely evidence of illegal grand jury leaks by Mueller and the FBI is great. Once confirmed that these criminal leaks occurred – and it is obvious that virtually every day for the last year and a half the Office of Special Counsel and the FBI intentionally leaked damaging grand jury information to smear President Trump, his family and associates to harm them – this would effectively derail Mueller’s “witch hunt” and ongoing prosecutions.

Confirming that these leaks were Mueller’s and his leftist prosecutors’ doing would also likely result in his firing and the end of his witch hunt designed to remove President Trump from office.

So it came as no surprise to me, given my past experience with DOJ over the last scandal-ridden decades, that just a few days before Judge Sullivan’s order was to be obeyed, Sessions’ lawyers asked for an indefinite extension to produce the records due to a so-called computer email glitch. If you believe this fairy tale, then you also must believe in the Tooth Fairy.

Here are excerpts from the opposition pleading I filed to hold Sessions and his DOJ accountable for this latest outrage, which speak for themselves. You can find the entire pleading on our website at


The likely motivation behind this carefully crafted delay is evident. In this regard, the second trial of Paul Manafort is set to begin shortly, and any documents that are released before or during the trial show leaks to the media by Robert Mueller and his staff – which would, as set forth previously, be illegal and improper – could throw a monkey wrench into the prosecution’s trial strategy. They may also have an impact in the prosecution and plea before this Court in the General Michael Flynn case. These documents are likely also being stonewalled to avoid the possible appointment of a second special counsel who could be tasked with investigating the alleged misconduct of Robert Mueller and his staff. There have been continuous reports about Robert Mueller and the DOJ’s conduct with regard to how the Mueller Investigation was triggered, including the presentation of a fraudulent FISA warrant and the use of the now infamous Steele Dossier. It is clearly in the preservationist self interests of Robert Mueller and the DOJ and its FBI to stonewall, if not bury, documents responsive to Freedom Watch’s request. …

Accordingly, Freedom Watch respectfully requests that this Court set a limited evidentiary hearing, on an emergency basis, so that Joseph Klimavicz, who presented a sworn affidavit to this Court to try to justify what may be an indefinite delay may be cross-examined and thus questioned. Freedom Watch must be allowed to question Mr. Klimavicz under oath on the witness stand, as his representations cannot be taken at face value given the DOJ’s continued pattern and practice of stonewalling in this and other highly important FOIA cases, which conduct is now legion. …

As this is a matter of the ultimate public interest in light of all that is happening of late, Freedom Watch respectfully requests that this Court order Mr. Klimavicz appear at an evidentiary hearing on or after September 6, 2018 on a mutually convenient date for this Court, Defendants’ counsel Mr. Joseph Dugan, and the undersigned counsel, and respectfully not acquiesce or accept Defendants regrettably predictable actions at this very late hour.

The bottom line is this: Sessions and his lackey lawyers at DOJ must be held to account, and he and Mueller must be forced to resign or be fired! The witch hunt simply cannot be allowed to continue for the good the nation, which is drowning in a sea of deceit and corruption! Go to to join Freedom Watch’s Justice League to restore the rule of law!

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