3 men who deserve your vote

By Chuck Norris

In 2014, my wife, Gena, and I were so proud to campaign for then Texas GOP gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott, who became one of the greatest governors in Lone Star State history.

Abbott is a born leader – an all-American and first-class Texan in every respect. Not only does he advocate conservative and traditional values, but he’s got the courage, intellect and perseverance to back his positions. He’s a man of deep faith and genuine integrity, and he devotedly loves his family. He’s a true patriot, who will continue to be a herald for the message of America’s founders and our Constitution.

It’s no secret the Texas economy has boomed under Gov. Abbott. He did it by reducing taxes and government red tape as well as cultivating an enticing environment for new businesses and entrepreneurs. He’s fought for veterans and the underprivileged. And he’s reached across the political aisle as well as extensively traveled the Lone Star state to care for average residents, including hurricane and flood victims. Check out the host of other accomplishments our great governor has done in a few short years.

Married for 36 years and standing beside our governor is out great First Lady of Texas, Cecilia Abbott. She is a former schoolteacher and principal, and proudly the first Hispanic First Lady of Texas.

In 2018, with Gov. Abbott’s stellar record as his foundation, we will be fighting again for his re-election, and hope others do as well. We encourage you to sign up for the governor’s newsletter, and join his social media army. Then, if you live in Texas, please get out to vote this November for Gov. Greg Abbott!

There are two other gubernatorial races that deserve your attention and advocacy, too.

First, there’s Foster Friess, who is running for governor of Wyoming. This rugged American cowboy and patriot has built his life in business and philanthropy on hard work and determination. It was not enough for Friess to make millions of dollars, enjoy the fruits of his labor and ride off into the sunset. He wanted to invest it back into people and his state, and that’s exactly what he’s done and will continue to do.

Friess wasn’t born with a silver spoon. As his website explained, “His mother dropped out of school in the eighth grade to pick cotton in order to save the family farm in Texas. His father dealt cattle and horses.”

Friess also served his country before setting his sites on his business career. He enrolled in the Reserves Officer Training Corp, trained as an Infantry Platoon Leader and served as an Intelligence Officer for the First Guided Missile Brigade in El Paso, Texas.

Friess grew his money management firm to $15 billion in assets before its sale in 2001. He now focuses on a “Return to Civility” in America’s culture. Proof of that is how he’s putting his money where his mouth is. He advocates sensible initiatives and other charitable ways to reduce gun violence in schools by matching millions of dollars of his own money to help.

BusinessWeek once reported that Friess “may be the longest-surviving successful growth-stock picker, having navigated markets for 36 years, in his own firm since 1974.”

In 1999, CNBC labeled Foster one of the “century’s great investors.”

Foster Friess is far more than an investing genius. He is a humble man that both Gena and I greatly respect. He’s a great moral man who loves his family. He has been married to his wonderful wife Lynn for 56 years, and has four incredible children and 14 grandchildren.

Foster is also a real patriot who deeply loves his country and the people in it. Again, as his website explained, “Foster was named the ‘Humanitarian of the Year,’ following in the footsteps of Coretta Scott King, Bob Hope, President George H.W. Bush, and Lady Bird Johnson. In 2009, Foster received the ‘Benefactor of the Year’ Paul Weyrich Award. In 2010, he received the ‘Spirit of the Children Award,’ given annually to Childhelp supporters who have generously given their time and good fortune to children’s causes.”

He believes America has lost touch with its roots and that her tomorrow can be far better by elevating American Exceptionalism and protecting our borders from terrorists. He’s tired of watching others tear at the fabrics of our nation and his state, so he’s throwing his hat into the ring to help make America great again. If you want to know more about Foster, listen to this great interview with this amazing leader.

Wyoming’s gubernatorial primary is on Aug. 21, with the gubernatorial election to follow on Nov. 6. When the voting booths open, Wyomingites would be wise to vote Foster Friess for governor!

The third candidate I would encourage Floridians to vote for is Ron Desantis, who is running for governor of the Sunshine State.

Ron has good old-fashioned blue-collar roots as a native Floridian. He worked his way through his undergraduate and graduate studies, achieving honors as a graduate from both Yale University and Harvard Law School.

He also valiantly served his country. As his bio documents, “While studying at Harvard he earned a commission as a JAG officer in the United States Navy. During his naval service, he deployed to Iraq during the 2007 troop surge as an advisor to a U.S. Navy SEAL commander in support of the SEAL mission in Iraq and also served at the terrorist detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. His military decorations include the Bronze Star Medal (meritorious service), the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal (gold star in lieu of second award), the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal and the Iraq Campaign Medal. He is currently a Lieutenant Commander in the reserve component of the United States Navy.”

Since 2013, Ron has represented Florida’s 6th district as a U.S. Congressman. His work in the House of Representatives includes being “a leader on issues ranging from government accountability, fiscal responsibility, national security and the Constitution. He has helped spearhead efforts to investigate the misdeeds of the IRS, reform the VA, enact term limits, balance the budget and make members of Congress live under the same rules as everybody else. As the chairman of the National Security subcommittee and as a member of the foreign affairs committee, he is deeply engaged in developing policies to combat foreign threats, to support key allies and to fully equip and train our military.”

Like Gov. Abbott and Foster Friess, Ron’s inner strength comes from his faith and family. In fact, his wife, Casey is his secret weapon, just like Gena is mine. Both ladies are highly gifted and leaders in their own right. When Ron and I speak, we almost always encourage our wives to lead the way. Who knows us better? Who better to introduce us?

As Casey, also a veteran television news broadcaster, recently introduced Ron as a “man of integrity, of honor, conviction, morals, principle, and values.” She also added: “Ron is running for the right reasons. … Ron is running to do great things, not to be someone.” He’s already a great man.

With Florida’s primary elections being held on Aug. 28, 2018, and then the gubernatorial election to follow a few months later on Nov. 6, I encourage Floridians to fight for their best future by electing Ron Desantis as their next governor.

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