We are slaves to the Children of the Lie

By Jesse Lee Peterson

Have you noticed that Americans are not free? The children of Satan rule over us. We don’t have the freedom of speech any longer, no freedom of religion. We’ve been thrown into the lion’s den – and it’s because “good” people have fear.

The left has worked hard to silence the truth, and the right has complied, giving in to fear and intimidation. We have to be careful what we say – we can’t be too harsh, too honest or grow too popular. The children of the lie intimidate and deceive the people with oppressive political correctness. Their phony “love” is really a love of evil – a false emotional love that comes from their father the devil. Their wickedness and our fear brought about the anger and division we see today – a second civil war in America. But it’s a spiritual war of good versus evil, fought around the world.

For several months, PayPal has discriminated against good people selling guns, or anything gun-related. Leftists hate the Second Amendment and our freedoms. They don’t want us Americans to be able to defend ourselves, families and children, or our country and rights.

Just this week MasterCard and Patreon pulled services from conservative David Horowitz Freedom Center and Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch. David Horowitz exposes communists who hate America, and Robert Spencer exposes radical Islamists who hate the West. Horowitz and Spencer were targeted by the radical, evil organization the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). The SPLC pretends to oppose “hate,” but actually spreads hate and defamation, with the support of the media and government.

Over recent years, we watched alt-right figures get assaulted, falsely maligned, and de-platformed because they defend white people. White men are hated in America because most are conservative Christians, like those who founded and built our great country. Some in the alt-right unfortunately fall to anger and blame – and the left is quick to point it out as “hate.” But the left loves hate. They “love” angry blacks, feminists, homosexuals, illegal aliens and Muslims. People on the side of evil control others with anger, using their hate to gain votes, power and wealth.

We watched Trump supporters get similarly attacked with violence and censorship – worse today than ever! Last week I wrote that Alex Jones is just the beginning of the attack on free speech. Twitter shut down Gavin McInnes and Proud Boys for fighting the violent communist hate group antifa, who hurt innocent people.

Last year, Patreon shut down Lauren Southern and many others – Lauren covers violence by radical Muslims and Antifa, and recently released a documentary on South Africa’s attacks on their white native population.

This week I interviewed South African boer Willem Petzer about brutal farm murders and land expropriation without compensation. He says his great aunt and great uncle were killed, and that their blood was used to write “666” and “white devil” on the walls. Trump tweeted that he instructed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to study farm seizures and murders. The liberal media called it a “conspiracy theory” and “white nationalist talking point.” Antifa group Unicorn Riot ran a mass-flagging campaign labeling the Christian theology student Petzer as “racist.” They shut down his international chatroom server Discord.

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The left always promote their fake news and conspiracy theories – pushing the lies of “racism,” “sexism,” “homophobi-ism,” “Islamophobi-ism.” They support NFL thugs lying about so-called “police brutality,” which doesn’t exist. They turn their backs on the flag, the country and the military, pretending to care about murder of black people. ESPN and CBS are now censoring the national anthem on their broadcasts, giving in to America-hatred by brainwashed blacks.

They also push “climate change” alarmism, demanding business-killing, anti-American policies to stop “global warming.” Anyone questioning them is mocked and marginalized, clearing the way for their corrupt UN-supported globalist socialism.

We have a great opportunity with President Trump, a man fighting for the country and for what’s right. Donald Trump boldly tells the truth without fear or anger. Because of this, the people on the side of evil, in the government, the media, and others, constantly try to undermine and destroy him. But because he’s a good man, they can’t stop him. They hurt themselves trying to hurt him! Meanwhile, he keeps winning!

We must build up our own character if we are to withstand the attacks long after Trump is gone. If we want good to win, we must become truly good ourselves. Christ called the children of God to perfection. When you do not reach that perfection, when you allow evil to continue in your life, evil takes over. You see this in your personal life, in your family life, in your work, and in society.

This week I reminded my Newsmax TV audience of what Christ said, that “all who sin are slaves to sin.” If you have anger, you’re a slave of your father the devil, playing God. I urge you to pray and know yourselves, so that you won’t be deceived. Then forgive, and become part of the solution, and not part of the problem.

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