Yes there is a war, but not on women

By Adriana Cohen

Forget the mythical war on women.

What we’re really seeing in American culture is a growing war on men. There’s a bias against men that seeks to demean, devalue and ultimately emasculate normal, healthy men and boys in virtually all aspects of life – the U.S. educational and legal systems, the workplace, pop culture, and even modern-day families. And you have the radical left and feminists to thank. Under the banner of championing women’s rights and “female equality” – effectively for decades – they also have been waging “jihad” against their male counterparts.

Take public education. It’s no secret the American public K-12 school system – in an effort to empower its female students – is now predominantly “teaching to girls,” versus providing curricula and atmospheres that educate, support and empower all students equally. Of course, education officials won’t admit to any form of bias – intentional or otherwise – as gender discrimination is illegal, but all you have to do is look at college enrollment data and judge for yourself.

Today there are millions more women enrolled in colleges and universities than men. In 2017, there were 2.2 million fewer men enrolled in higher education than women, according to the U.S. Department of Education. Female students now constitute over 56 percent of college enrollment nationwide – a trend with no sign of abating that is putting men at a great financial disadvantage, as college graduates earn 56 percent more than those with just high school diplomas.

The war on men doesn’t stop there. Turn on any sitcom or Hollywood movie and you’ll easily find male characters routinely mocked and marginalized, while single moms and other women are presented throughout American pop culture as smarter, stronger and more sophisticated than men – portraying the false notion that having a man around, even a father, is an unnecessary life accessory.

Nothing could be further from the truth – or more harmful to children and society as a whole – as the largest demographic living in poverty in America today is single-mom households. Want to reduce gang violence in Chicago? Boys falling behind in school? Men and boys getting on drugs or having entanglements with the law? Perhaps if there were two parents in every home providing loving guidance – and dual incomes – we’d see less poverty and lower male incarceration rates.

But feminists don’t want to talk about that. Instead, they lead young women astray by telling them they don’t need a man to have a child or family. With fertility options available today, that’s technically true; but missing from their politically correct cultural brainwashing, of course, is the grand overall cost.

The war on men has also infiltrated the U.S. legal system. The #MeToo movement is tilting the levers of justice against men by demanding that women who make sexual harassment and sex abuse allegations against men be automatically believed before a legitimate investigation takes place. So instead of adhering to the notion that all citizens are innocent until proven guilty, feminists and powerful women in American society are convicting men in the court of public opinion – at the workplace, on college campuses and beyond – before vetting the facts and evidence.

A terrifying scenario indeed. A 2017 article in Politico explained: “In the debate over campus sexual assault, believing accusers, especially female ones, has become a virtual article of faith. Many Democratic politicians have expressed an opinion similar to the one recently tweeted by California Senator Kamala Harris, regarding college campuses: ‘Survivors of sexual assault deserve to be believed, not blamed.’ As Harvard Law professor Jeannie Suk Gersen wrote in the New Yorker, wanting to examine the evidence before coming to a conclusion has come to mean being perceived on campus as being ‘biased in favor of perpetrators.'”

These are treacherous times for men and teenage boys of all demographics. We are living in a country where one is perceived as being guilty in sex abuse claims based on one’s gender and not the facts. These are allegations that could destroy men’s lives.

Add it all up and we’re witnessing the war on men spreading across the spectrum.

No one knows where it’ll go, but so far, the prognosis is truly frightening.

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