(TROFIRE NETWORK) – YouTube is hoping to combat the rampant misinformation coming from their site by trying to fact-check the climate change denying videos that get posted on their site. This is a huge positive step for the media hosting platform, and hopefully it will help to quell the spread of misinformation that their site has become known for.

Earlier this year, YouTube announced that they were going to do their best to try to crack down on fake news conspiracy theories and other misinformation that was being spread through the videos hosted on their platform. Well, recently it was revealed that one of these changes that they’re doing to help inform people of the truth is that they’re going after climate change denying videos and providing a disclaimer at the bottom that actually tells the truth about climate change. And the truth is, that yes, it’s real. Yes, it’s backed by nearly every scientific paper that has been written on the subject, and that those denying it are not telling you the truth. That’s a pretty bold move for YouTube, and to be honest, it is absolutely 100 percent the correct move that they should be making.

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