Clarence Thomas (Official portrait)

Clarence Thomas (Official portrait)

With turmoil continuing over President Trump’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court, the chief political analyst for ABC News says there’s already a “sexual predator” on the high court in the person of Justice Clarence Thomas.

“It was despicable and outrageous what happened to Anita Hill more than 25 years ago, and a sexual predator was given a lifetime seat on the SC,” Matthew Dowd of ABC tweeted on Monday.

“Let’s hope history doesn’t repeat itself in 2018.”


It was Anita Hill who, in 1991, accused Thomas of sexual harassment when the jurist was nominated for the Supreme Court by President George H. W. Bush. Thomas was eventually confirmed after the woman’s credibility suffered when it was learned Hill followed Thomas from job to job.

Matthew Dowd (ABC video screenshot)

Matthew Dowd (ABC video screenshot)

Dowd also tweeted he apparently has no interest in treating accused men including Kavanaugh fairly.

“Enough with the ‘he said, she said’ storyline,” said Dowd.

“If this is he said, she said, then let’s believe the she in these scenarios. She has nothing to gain, and everything to lose. For 250 years we have believed the he in these scenarios. Enough is enough.”


John Nolte of Breitbart News noted that “Dowd is virulently anti-Trump, anti-NRA, pro-Medicare for all (which is socialized medicine), regularly defends Planned Parenthood, and has already endorsed Democrat Beta O’Rourke, who is running to unseat Republican Sen. Ted Cruz in Texas.”

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