White House press secretary Sarah Sanders

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been targeted by establishment media outlets not only because of the messaging she provides on behalf of President Trump.

It’s also because of her strong Christian faith.

WND columnist Mychal Massie wrote recently, “God-fearing righteous women are not threatened by the likes of those who mocked Sarah Huckabee Sanders and those who thought it was OK to do so.

“Truly independent women who strive to honor God understand that they are above such taunts. Those who attack them do so because they know if they lived to be 500 years old, they would never ‘attain the excellency’ they envy in Sarah Huckabee Sanders.”

Now the New Yorker has published a piece putting in its own spotlight on Sanders and her faith.

The magazine promoted the article in a tweet.

“Sarah Huckabee Sanders attends a D.C. church that is an affiliate of Hillsong, the global megachurch that teaches creationism and intelligent design. Sanders, asked if she shared these views, said, ‘I believe in the Bible.'”

The Daily Caller reported people were not happy with the New Yorker’s handling of Sanders’ faith.

The profile referred to Sanders as Trump’s “battering ram” and went into depth about her evangelical beliefs and the pastoral role of her father, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee.

Twitter member James Brady reacted to the New Yorker’s tweet: “Come on, why do you have to go here? Everyone looked the other way at BHO’s church and pastor for years, but now it’s cool? It’s no wonder nobody trusts the media anymore. It’s all garbage.”

Attacking Sanders may not be the wisest financial move, one town discovered.

WND reported that the manager of The Red Hen Restaurant in Lexington, Virginia, harassed Sanders into leaving the establishment in June, Rockbridge Regional Tourism Board members had to approve a measure to bolster the marketing of the area.

They blamed the national fury against the area on the Red Hen’s actions.

The Roanoke Times said: “Director of Marketing Patty Williams said the area is still feeling effects from the controversy – the tourism office received a letter Thursday from a family in Georgia who said they would never come back to the area because of what happened. And during the immediate aftermath of the incident, the tourism office received thousands of phone calls and emails.”

Not only did Red Hen owner Stephanie Wilkinson order Sanders and her family out of the restaurant, she then followed family members to a restaurant across the street, where she organized a protest.


Others reacted to the New Yorker tweet and article:

  • WhichWitch: “She attends a church that teachers from a holy book? The BIBLE even?? Why .. this is outrageous! Trump is going to be president forever.”
  • Jim Treacher: “Oh no. Not the Bible.”
  • Ricardo: “I don’t hold these same beliefs, but this is hardly news.”
  • Michael Garner: “Shame on you, New Yorker.”
  • Robert: “Wow, hard hitting journalism there.”
  • Magic Man: “Pretty terrible that @PressSec goes to church, believed the Bible, and seeks to honor God. Terrible values for a government representative. Eh, @NewYorker?”
  • Keeven: “Why does the @NewYorker dehumanize GOP women like this?”

Massie, earlier this year, wrote: “In the final analysis, those attacking Sarah realize that for all of their bravado, they are ambsace, and even that is a more generous recognition than they deserve.

“Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a standup Christian woman, and standup Christian people are persecuted, but God protects his own.”

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