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Democratic Party: Still no ideas 40 years later

President Donald Trump could personally discover the cure for cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, autism, end starvation around the world, bring peace to Middle East, erase the national debt and end unemployment, and Democrats would still attack him as they are now. It’s all they know.

Nearly 40 years ago, national political writer David Osborne observed the following about the Democratic Party, and clearly Democrats haven’t improved; they’ve devolved. Osborne wrote:

On Nov. 5, 1980, a generation of Democratic leaders awoke to a startling fact. Their party, the fountain of New Deal and Great Society liberalism, the coalition that had run this country virtually uninterrupted … [awakened to find] the reins of power were gone, and the party officialdom were reeling.

Months later nothing has changed. … [O]bserved … party theoretician Ben Wattenberg, “What has been happening in this party for the last six months is people saying, ‘We have to come up with new ideas.’ We have a lot of people phrasing that idea, in several very novel ways, but I have yet to see a brilliant array of new ideas; the party has only the old ones. Like alcoholics hooked on the sweet elixir of Great Society liberalism, Democrats know they have got to go on the wagon. But with no easy cure in sight, they must keep running back for one more nip at the same old bottle.

The party is in horrendous shape … summing up a prognosis heard often in party circles. It is bankrupt of ideas, it is bankrupt of money, it is bankrupt of leadership and personalities. It is a party so used to power that now that it has lost the mantle of leadership, it has no idea what to do. You have a great floundering and posturing, a lot of people screaming that we need to do something, but not very much happening.

The sad fact is that the Democratic Party is a ship without a rudder, a political organization without a common theme or symbol. Leaderless, divided, able to move neither right nor left without risking extinction, the Democrats are totally dependent on the man who defeated them. Like a prayer at the altar of FDR, party official after party official offers the same refrain. Ronald Reagan will save us, paving our way back to power with his voodoo economics. (“Democratic Party Games,” Inquiry Magazine, Volume 4, Number 13, July 6 and 20, 1981; Page 12)

What Osborne adroitly noted nearly 40 years ago is exactly the state of the Democratic Party today. They are morally opprobrious and bereft of new ideas. They believe demonizing President Trump is their “way back to power.”

They and their minions can demonize President Trump until the eternal home of Charles Manson and Jeffrey Dahmer freezes over. The facts speak for themselves; and the facts are that in approximately 22 months President Trump is responsible for possibly the greatest economic and domestic recovery in the history of our nation. And he has accomplished this feat despite the fiercest opposition any president has ever had to endure.

Democrats wrongly believed that President Reagan’s policies would fail and power would be returned to them, and they believe wrongly now.

Attacking President Trump isn’t a plan for recovery; it is a plan for creating good paying jobs. There is nothing talismanic about the pusillanimous. President Trump is not a sissified politician who boasts of weakness and appeasement as if same were badges of honor, and the America people admire and respect him for that. Trump stands up to the United Nations, NATO and rogue world leaders, and the American people applaud that. Presidents Reagan and Trump loved/love America – and putting America first is something that resonates deeply with We the People.

The Democrats and their minions publicly express their desire to return America to what we had under Obama, Clinton, Carter; but there are many who suffered those years who today value jobs, income and national security. We believe America isn’t the world’s evil but the world’s shining example of good.

Yet, despite President Reagan having strong, patriotic congressional leadership when his term ended, his successor was pathetic at best and at worse only marginally better than an empty suit. I don’t see President Trump making that mistake. I don’t believes he will support a craven politician to succeed him, and retire to watch America fall back into the abyss.

It’s imperative that President Trump does what President Reagan did not, i.e., leave the country in better hands than it was when he took office. George H.W. Bush was the reason President Reagan’s legacy quickly eroded, and the Clinton cabal was able to entrench itself in national politics to the detriment of our country.

We’ve witnessed how difficult it’s been for President Trump even with majorities in both houses of Congress and despite his tremendous successes. Imagine what it would be like if we allowed him to lose the House and/or the Senate this fall.

You and I are responsible for electing President Trump, and it’s not ipse dixit to say that makes us responsible for the recovery America is enjoying under his leadership. We must finish the job.