Hi Joseph … noticed “Yes Mr. President, Google Hates You.”

After roughly two years of loathing directed at President Trump from left-wingers of every description, it got me thinking about JFK and how folks in North America virtually worshiped the Kennedys. As you know, on close examination JFK’s track record was littered with problems. Ongoing reports of ladies-of-the-evening in hotels, when the president was out of town. This posed a major headache for security agents concerned about “honey traps” and possible assassins. A dubious relationship existed with Marilyn Monroe. His serious medical issues were kept hidden from the public. The Cuban Missile Crisis triggered a nuclear showdown, with only minutes to spare when the Russians backed down!

Considering this was the age of “Leave It To Beaver,” if people were handed the facts, it’s doubtful they could handle the truth! In fact, walking into an Irish-Catholic household, it was common to see images of JFK and Jesus together on a wall. Folks in the media had to know what was going on, yet not a peep! Obviously people on the inside had problems with JFK’s ambitions … like getting out of Vietnam, ordering the issuance of United States currency and flirting with the notion of dismantling the CIA.

Aside from showcasing Trump’s indiscretions as a private citizen, the tactics currently being used on Trump are reminiscent of the Nixon administration. The Watergate caper appeared to be all about setting up Nixon. Nixon’s big mistake was failing to disclose his knowledge of the DNC headquarters break-in to law enforcement. Nixon took the bait and launched into cover-up mode, worried that no one would buy his story … that he wasn’t involved. The rest is history.


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