James Woods (Twitter)

James Woods (Twitter)

Actor James Woods, one of the most politically active voices on social media, is now scorching both major parties, lamenting the “absolute anarchy” caused by Democrats, and flaying weak Republicans as “pu**ies.”

“Like many of us, I am fed up with the absolute anarchy perpetrated by these #Democrats,” Woods tweeted Tuesday afternoon.

“They act like savages and #Republicans sit back and take it like the pu**ies they are.”

The star of “Videodrome” and “Vampires” ended his message with a sense of complete frustration and hopelessness, stating: “I’ve had it. It’s just hopeless. Let them win. Then all of America can end up like every Democrat city.”

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As WND previously reported in July, Woods attacked U.S. cities run by Democrats, breaking out the S-word.

“When you drive cross-country, you can tell which party is in power by the roads, the graffiti, the homeless, and the trash everywhere,” Woods said.

“Invariably #Democrat cities are just sh**holes,” he added, except he did not censor his descriptor.

Tuesday’s P-word tweet by Woods is sparking plenty of reaction on Twitter, including:

  • “I feel the same way. The Republicans need to grow a set and get things done. We need some fireworks to get us out to vote this November. Sitting back and taking punches from the Dems makes them look weak.”
  • “I was right where you are Mr. Woods. But had to remember that’s the Dems plan — mentally wear us down. Refuse to let them. We MUST win in November. For that we cannot give in. Our job is to protect America from the madness. Painful as it is right now.”
  • “NO. If we give up, they WIN. That can’t happen. Call/write/hound the pu**y #Republicans and let them know we demand they engage. Pls stay the course.”
  • “Sorry James, I’m not ready too cave to them. There’s an election coming up and I’m going to do what little I can, no matter how useless it appears to be.”
  • “NEVER GIVE UP – NEVER SURRENDER! We don’t have to be anarchists like these Dems, but that doesn’t make us pu**ies. Use the ballot box and get out the vote – THAT’s the American way.”
  • “Yet many, many Americans agree with you, and still more of them are children and deserve better that the Third World anarchy the Democrats will beget. You are not alone.”
  • “The Democrat Party are a huge disappointment for all of Americans. The GOP is a close 2nd. All elected officials need to step up and do what is right.”
  • “R we willing 2 give America back to Obama type government … I certainly hope not.”
  • “Nah. I’ll fight like hell. My forefather, Thomas Nelson, Jr., signed the Declaration of Independence and died in poverty. I would rather be a free man in my grave than living like a puppet on the Democratic or NWO stage. Bring it!”

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