We now know that rape is real in the case against President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. Judge Brett Kavanaugh is being raped by the Democratic Party, by its willing accomplice Christine Blasey Ford, and by its leftist comrades in the national media.

Worse, the Democrats’ delaying tactics may be about to kill Kavanaugh’s nomination. As Fox News host Tucker Carlson explained last Friday, under the U.S. Senate’s arcane rules, if Republicans go along with Ford’s lawyer’s demand that she not testify before next Thursday, then the clock could run out and Kavanaugh’s nomination process will end before the vote on his confirmation a week later can be taken.

This best-qualified jurist in 50 years will have been taken out by a late hit, an Alice-in-Wonderland political character assassination that gives new meaning to the old saying: “Justice delayed is justice denied.”

Let’s look at the unreal highlights of how Democrat hit men are succeeding. Judge Kavanaugh had triumphed in his public confirmation hearings and was hours away from confirmation. But suddenly leftist California Senator Dianne Feinstein announced that, for six weeks, she had secretly possessed a letter from a woman accusing Kavanaugh of somehow touching her inappropriately approximately 36 years ago, when he was a 17-year-old minor.

In this letter, Christine Blasey Ford – now a 51-year-old college professor – offered almost no details. She did not say what year or month this happened, or in what building. Her cloudy memory “recovered” six years ago, after Mitt Romney named Kavanaugh as a potential Supreme Court Justice.

Feinstein has refused to give a copy of the complete letter to Chairman Chuck Grassley or other Republicans on the Judiciary Committee. Feinstein admitted she is not sure if the letter is true. “Recovered” memories are often false.

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Why has California’s senior Senator refused to make this entire letter public? Did Ford ask to remain anonymous, yet Democrats leaked her identity to the liberal press as a way to attack President Trump and his Supreme Court nominee? This letter might also contain other incriminating information.

Ms. Ford could have many motives. She is a far-left activist who has worn “pussy” hats to anti-Trump marches and rallies, and has been described as an outspoken left partisan by her students. She reportedly has contributed to left-leaning ShareBlue, the Democratic National Committee, and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. When Democrats were about to “out” her, Ford scrubbed her website of incriminating partisan statements, much as Hillary Clinton destroyed 33,000 of her emails subpoenaed by Congress.

The liberal media calls her “Dr. Ford,” but she is not a medical doctor, only a Ph.D. psychologist. Despite this, she signed an anti-Trump public letter published by the group “Physicians for Human Rights.” She reportedly has been employed by an abortifacient “morning after” pill manufacturer, and she has written six articles approving such lethal “medication.”

Two other potential motives merit mention: Kavanaugh’s mother reportedly is one of the lesser judges in a foreclosure case on Ford’s mother’s home, so revenge might be a factor.

Like several other Trump accusers, Ford is the beneficiary of at least one GoFundMe Page on the Internet. As of Friday night, it had been posted only three days but has yielded $209,987 in donations to help cover her “risks” in this case. As George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley notes, such pages can provide witnesses a mercenary incentive to amp up their testimony.

Christine Blasey Ford is either a victim or a liar, says Professor Turley, which makes it difficult for Republicans to question her. This is likely why her lawyer has demanded that Ford not be questioned by a female committee lawyer, but only by white male Republican committee members; and that Kavanaugh speak first. Even though the charges being made against him are vague, concealed and unproven, this would deny Kavanaugh a chance to confront his accuser’s claims.

If Kavanaugh survives, do not be surprised if other women suddenly make similar accusations. Porn king Larry Flynt has offered $10 million to anyone who helps impeach Trump. If you drag $10 million through a trailer park, who knows what you will get?

For decades, Democrats have imposed their unpopular policies not via the
ballot box but through leftist judges they have appointed for life. No wonder globalist Democrats will do almost anything, no matter how dishonest or unethical, to block Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination.

As California Governor Jerry Brown said days ago, President Trump will undermine “the world order … if we don’t get rid of him.”

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