According, to Washington’s messiah, Bob Woodward, one of President’s Trump’s aides (allegedly Chief of Staff John Kelly) described the White House as “Crazytown.” That was proof positive to Trump’s detractors in Congress that his Cabinet and/or Congress should take the steps necessary to remove him from office.

But wait! Stop the presses! The inner-workings of Congress have been described – more times than I can count – as “herding cats.” What could be crazier than that? That should be reason enough to impeach the entire Congress. Do the country a great service and get rid of all those career politicians, most of whom have never held a real job, in one fell swoop. What a relief that would be!

Another of Woodward’s sources (allegedly Defense Secretary Jim Mattis) said the president had the mentality of a fifth grader. Let’s put this in perspective. No human being elected to the highest office in the land is equipped to do this job on his or her own. There is too much involved with running what is still the most powerful country in the world for one man or woman to do this job on his or her own.

One isn’t suddenly divinely infused with super-human smarts after he or she assumes the highest office in the land. That’s why presidents surround themselves with hundreds of experts charged with giving the president the benefit of their knowledge to help him or her run the country. Let’s face it, Barrack Obama had no executive experience before becoming president. George W. Bush would readily admit he was not the sharpest tack in the box. I could go on … but you get the picture.

What we have here, if the quotes in Bob Woodward’ book and the coward who wrote the anonymous op-ed in the New York Times are for real, is a case of some political appointees with an inflated sense of self-importance, venting their frustrations, perhaps after not being able to persuade the boss to see things their way.

So, while Elizabeth Warren, Maxine Waters and others are hyperventilating over Trump’s incompetency, let’s look at why someone is elected president, or should be: his or her ability to make good decisions.

The axiom “actions speak louder than words” needs to be applied here, and Trump’s actions (aside from his often over-the-top theatrics) are more than any reasonable citizen could have hoped for. I am, of course, excluding all those who hate Trump so much they can’t see beyond the end of their out-of-joint noses.

Trump’s effort to roll back taxes and regulations has the economy humming again. Companies are moving back to the country, unemployment is down, real wages are going up, and we are no longer printing money to keep the country afloat.

Let’s examine just a few of the important actions the president took in recent weeks: the cancellation of the federal workers’ scheduled pay increase and his decisions to stop coddling the PLO and supporting the UNRWA.

Those were not the actions of a career politician or a president who took the advice of entrenched Washington policy wonks whose sole purpose in life is to do nothing to upset anyone at the expense of sound budgetary policy and emboldening our enemies. Those were the actions of a businessman who knows how to ask the right questions.

Our federal workforce is among the most pampered and overpaid on the planet. Recent studies have shown that federal workers earn, on average, 80 percent more than their counterparts in the private sector. This tiny effort will save the country some $6 billion dollars. However, Democrats in Congress have fought against it, thereby socking it to the poor working stiffs in the private sector who have to foot the bill for this nonsense.

In other positive moves, Trump closed the PLO’s office in Washington due to the group’s refusal to participate in the Mideast peace process. This follows his decision to end decades of funding for the U.N.’s Relief and Works Agency for Palestine refugees. The UNRWA confers refugee status not only on those few remaining refugees who were displaced after Arab countries began a war on Israel in 1948, but their descendants, many of whom were born in other countries and have citizenship in other countries. It’s welfare forever for a gigantic group of people who, with some of this money, are being taught to hate us.

In short, given the right answers to these troubling policy questions, any bright fifth grader could have made the right decisions on these issues – the decisions Trump made!

If this is “Crazytown,” we need more of it!

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