Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh Tuesday challenged someone, anyone, to tell him what President Trump is being investigated for by the team of mostly Democrats in special counsel Robert Mueller’s tax-paid office.

“There isn’t anybody willing to be paid enough to lie about it,” he said. “The best they’ve got is Bob Woodward and Omarosa whatever her name is.

“They don’t have jack!

“But stop and think. We don’t even. … There isn’t even an answer to a simple question: What is Trump being investigated for? Don’t tell me, ‘He’s being investigated for colluding with Russia,’ because he’s not. They’re hoping to find evidence of that, but they haven’t been able to because it didn’t happen! There is no crime Donald Trump is alleged to have committed here!”

The talk-radio icon explained: “The more this goes on, the more we lose sight of the real abomination that all of this is. This entire investigation that Mueller is conducting is bogus. It is predicated on nothing but a made-up allegation for which no evidence has ever been found or cited, and therefore the investigation should never have begun! If you ask me, we’re now two years into this investigation with Mueller’s phase of it at a year and a half or close to it — 16 months, something like that.

“It is simply unacceptable. It ought not be tolerated that a 16-month investigation that itself is the result of the Obama DOJ and FBI planting evidence and creating false claims about people… We don’t know what this about! What crimes is Donald Trump under investigation for committing? Can somebody tell me? What is the crime Trump’s being investigated for committing? There isn’t one, folks. There is no crime that has been mentioned as the reason for any of this investigation, even that which preceded Mueller starting.”

He said the investigation has no basis in law, no evidence, and Mueller isn’t even running a criminal investigation.

“We have a special counsel who has been allowed to be set up as essentially an ongoing check and balance on a daily basis of the president of the United States. What Mueller is doing is not mentioned in the Constitution. It’s not specified. It’s not referenced in any way. Our Constitution does not provide a fourth branch of government which does nothing but follow and pass judgment every day on the president of the United States.

“He runs the executive branch, and there isn’t a single person in it who has any power over him. Yet Robert Mueller has been set up as the great overseer who has the guillotine, and he can drop it any day he wants and ruin the Trump presidency. Way too many people have accepted this premise. It is unconstitutional. It is extraconstitutional. There is no crime! Now, after two years of an investigation that does not have a crime in it, isn’t it time to shut it down? It never should have begun in the first place.”

He trotted out a long list of descriptions including “massive fraud” and “assault on the Constitution,” and he said if there was any evidence, “we would have heard evidence ’cause nobody can stop leaking.”

The fact that it continues amounts to a “coup,” he said.

“It proceeds without any legality. It proceeds without any substantial foundation to it. There’s no reason for the Mueller investigation. There is no justifiable reason for Robert Mueller to have an office and a team of anti-Trump investigators with an unlimited budget to go run around and keep ruining people’s lives and threatening to ruin the lives of others in order to get somebody to pop up and say, ‘Yeah, they know Trump cheated because he colluded with Russia.’ They haven’t even been able to find anybody to do that yet.”


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