Help Wanted (1): Associate U.S. Supreme Court Justice. Must have authored no controversial judicial opinions. Must have an excellent rating from his or her peers. Must be familiar with, but not bound by, the United States Constitution, in particular the constitutional right to an abortion found by an earlier court’s careful rewriting of the Constitution. Applicants please send their career vitae, sexual orientation and sexual history to the Democratic National Committee. Equal Opportunity Employer, except that white men need not apply.

Help Wanted (2): Associate U.S. Supreme Court Justice. Must have excellent knowledge of the United States Constitution, understand prior Supreme Court decisions, voice no opinion on possible future cases during confirmation hearings and have closets that are free of all sexual peccadilloes. Applicants please send their career vitae and photo of their closet to the Republican National Committee.

I lived through the Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas hearings. Once was enough. Seeing the “World’s Greatest Deliberative Body” reduced to accusations and rebuttals about short hairs on Coca Cola cans is only entertaining the first time around, and even then it helped to be young.

A certain fascination about the elitist prep school rites of passage for Christine Blasey Ford from back in her high school party days seems somewhat below the threshold of the World’s Greatest Deliberative Body.

Let’s be honest. If the someday-to-be Judge Kavanaugh had gone to that same party and and allowed himself to be dragged into a bedroom by four drunken girls, would be we having this show trial? In the world of today’s Democratic politics, Judge Kavanaugh would be a national hero for his exploits. And if he were to testify that by the fourth time he couldn’t remember which sex he was, he would be awarded extra points by the Democrats on the committee.

Sen. DiFenstein has obviously been taking advice from her Chinese intelligence services driver of many years in choosing this particular hill for the Democrats to die upon. Marriage and family still means something to the Chinese. The Democrats have done their best to destroy its meaning here in America.

So now the Democrats can live with the result. Video your hearing. Take lots of photographs, too. Make audio recordings, along with transcripts. Send the packet off to America’s supermarket checkout tabloids, and sell it all to the highest bidder.

Because … nobody else thinks it matters. What’s the difference if Christine got drunk at a party and pulled four drunken guys into the bedroom with her, or whether one-day-to-be Judge Kavanaugh got drunk and pulled four drunken girls into the bedroom with him? Is one OK and the other not? I thought sexual equality is what the Democrats fought so hard for in the ’60s and ’70s. Somebody should tell Di-Fi that war is over. Her side won.

Republicans in the Senate need to stop allowing themselves to be dragged into closeted meetings with drunken Democrats. No good can come of it. Just count the noses for the vote, twist ears when necessary, and hold the vote. Judge Kavanaugh needs to be confirmed. When the Democrats sober up, they’ll figure out the sex-card is just as worn and slippery as the race-card.

Say hello to Pope Gayous. Reconnaissance, Armageddon Story, Vol. I.

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