I did not watch but did listen to some of the Thursday Senate hearing circus sideshow. Frankly, it’s worse than that – much worse. It could be the new season of FX Network’s series “American Horror Story.”

I say this not for just Brett Kavanaugh, but for all of us. What we see playing out on national television and internet streaming is an American Horror Story, as this tragic scenario can now be perpetrated upon any man the radical left disagrees with.

Kavanaugh is being called a predator – but I believe it’s high time for the gloves to come off and call these women, these accusers, what they really are. In fact they are the predators, not Judge Kavanaugh.

And if this stunt these false accusers are attempting to collectively pull off was not their idea, then they should be called something else, and deservedly so. That something else is prostitute, and the politicians, the media and leftist special-interest gangs are the pimps.

None of these women have a shred of even circumstantial evidence to support their outrageous claims. In fact, the only one who has presented any evidence at all is Brett Kavanaugh, by way of his calendars and signed statements from a multitude of character witnesses.

Yet still the accusers are to be blindly and faithfully believed. So say all the leftist liars and useful idiots.

And all this is being done for one reason – centralized government power and control. It is the left’s religion, and their holy sacrament is abortion.

So thoroughly have the statist overlords convinced their myopic flock that Kavanaugh’s sole purpose for being seated on the high court is to overturn Roe v Wade, that they are doing anything and everything to stop him.

They’ve convinced their followers that a woman’s right to kill an unborn child is so important, so sacrosanct, that they will ruin a man’s life for the privilege.

It has been wrongly said by many on the left that there is a special place in hell for those who don’t do whatever the left wants them to at a given moment. We all know this is crap. However, there is a special place in hell for those who wantonly attempt to destroy another person for any reason, i.e., the people behind the curtain choreographing this farce.

But most of the virtue signalers who have bought this pack of lies about Kavanaugh are useful idiots. Most, in my opinion, are just ignorantly pro-abortion. These females are naturally progressive and have been told often enough that it is a woman’s right to choose to end a pregnancy, that they believe it. Most have given the subject very little, if any thought, beyond just parroting what they’ve heard their whole lives. No more than, “my body – my choice,” or other such slogans – which is enough to “fit in” with the rest of the progressive crowd. And as we see, any contrary stance, such as the quaint notion of being pro-life, is uncool; of course, all the cool people are pro-abortion.

I can forgive these ignorant followers. With some education and deprogramming, they might have their minds changed.

But it’s the people driving this statist agenda with whom I personally draw a line and whom I will not forgive. They are the ones with no moral center. They are ones so consumed with the desire for power and control that it has clouded all reasonable judgment.

Because of this, they cannot and will not entertain another viewpoint. For if they do, they may very well lose their flock.

Once their flock begins to diminish, so does their power and authority – and they simply will not tolerate that. So if someone like Brett Kavanaugh or Robert Bork has to be destroyed, so be it. It’s a small price to pay in the name of their religion and their holy sacrament.

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