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Ronald Reagan:

“This is the story of a realtor who was out driving on a back road on his way to look at some property and suddenly noticed that beside him was a chicken keeping pace with him, and he was doing 60 miles an hour.

“And suddenly the chicken spurted out ahead of him. And it looked to him as if the chicken had three legs. And then it turned and went down a side road and into a barnyard. And the driver turned down that lane and drove into the barnyard. There was a farmer there, and he asked him, ‘Did you see a chicken go by here?’ And the farmer says, ‘Yep.’ ‘Did it have three legs?’ ‘Yep. I raise them that way. I breed them.’

“Then the realtor asks, ‘You do? How come?’ He responds, ‘Well, I just love the drumstick and Maw always liked the drumstick and now Junior’s come along and he likes it, and we just got tired of fighting over it. So I’ve been breeding three-legged chickens.’

“The realtor then asks, ‘Well how do they taste?’ And the farmer replies, ‘I don’t know. I haven’t been able to catch one yet.'”

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