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Salem witch trial: Polygraphs all around

Senate Democrats are pure evil, but like the devil, no one will deny that they are smart. At the 12th hour they have succeeded in throwing a monkey wrench into the confirmation of Supreme Court appointee Brett Kavanaugh by having a woman, Christine Blasey Ford, whom they extracted from the woodwork, to accuse this Republican establishment jurist of attempted rape when he was 17 years old and in high school, almost 40 years ago! Sound familiar?

Given the upcoming midterm elections, which at a minimum will decide control over the House of Representatives, the Democrats and their tool, Ms. Ford, have checkmated the party of Lincoln. Even if Judge Kavanaugh’s side of the story when he testifies under oath Monday seems to ring true, which testimony will be an outright denial, the Democrats win if Republicans then move to push through his confirmation by a majority vote – assuming that such a majority would exist at that point. That is because Democrats such as Rep. Nancy Pelosi, minority leader in the House and likely speaker to be, and Sen. Chuck Schumer, minority leader in the Senate and possibly majority leader to be after the midterm elections, would use Kavanaugh’s confirmation to demagogue votes with the female electorate.

In doing so, given the “Me Too” wind, if not a hurricane, that has been blowing in the nation, they will likely succeed in peeling away enough votes to take control of at least the House. What would this mean for President Donald J. Trump and the nation as a whole? Put simply, it would mean that The Donald would most certainly and quickly be impeached and that the country would be thrown into a state of turmoil and paralysis, with severe crises getting a backseat; denuclearation of North Korea and Iran to name just two.

Similarly, if Kavanaugh is not confirmed as a Supreme Court justice, the next one chosen by President Trump would face an even greater battle to take a conservative seat on the high court. Plus, this delay also would serve the Democrats, as by that time they may have also taken control of the Senate after the midterm elections, thus depriving the Republicans of their slim majority to confirm a new appointee.

It is no secret that I was not in favor of the Kavanaugh nomination from the get go. I view him as an establishment member of the Republican club in Washington, D.C., as well as an overrated and politically tainted, if not intellectually dishonest, jurist. He is the product of the swamp, in effect. That he obtained his undergraduate and law school degrees from elitist Ivy League Yale also does not impress.

But what really bothered me about Kavanaugh’s nomination was his demonstrated lack of respect for the Fourth Amendment. In a case I filed and litigated, Klayman v. Obama, and which resulted in two preliminary injunctions against the mass illegal surveillance of Obama’s Deep State intelligence agencies and FBI, the jurist ruled, in a totally unnecessary and politically tainted opinion meant to curry favor with the Republican intel establishment, that this “Orwellian” spying, without probable cause that a crime had been committed or that terrorism was involved, was peachy keen in the name of national security. In my view and those of other civil libertarians, including Judge Andrew Napolitano and former Rep. Bob Barr, this is not acceptable!

Ironically, however, the events of the last few days, including this wild accusation of attempted rape by a woman put up, a la Anita Hill, by leftist Democrats to destroy Kavanaugh’s professional career and personal reputation, has made me more sympathetic toward this Republican establishment “yes man.” What has been conjured up at this late date is so offensive, it causes me to want Kavanaugh to be confirmed just to tell the runaway “Me Too” movement that you will not always rule the school. Sure Harvey Weinstein and his ilk are criminals, but this is not true of all men!

For in today’s environment, a man is considered guilty unless proven innocent by overwhelming and concrete evidence to the contrary. This is akin the Salem witch trials, where women were burned at the stake in Massachusetts’ early history over a simple allegation that they were witches.

However the Kavanaugh fiasco turns out, his life will have been permanently damaged. Just ask would-be fellow Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who was so traumatized after his confirmation hearing that he dared not utter word for many years while sitting on the high court’s bench. And to this day, he is still vilified by rabid feminists and other leftists who have turned Anita Hill into their folk hero if not mascot.

So what do I suggest at this point to try – and I emphasize try – to clear the air? My advice is that before rushing to a dog-and-pony show hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Republicans and others demand that Judge Kavanaugh and his accuser take polygraph examinations from a reputable independent polygraph examiner, perhaps a former FBI expert. While Ford claims to have taken a polygraph already, a neutral party should administer a separate test. Then the examiner’s findings with backup data should be reviewed by another reputable independent polygraph operator to get a second opinion.

It is well-established by experts from both sides of the debate as to the accuracy of polygraphs, that is lie detectors, that they are 70 to 90 percent reliable arbiters of the truth. This a whole lot more certain than diametrically opposed testimony from the judge and his female antagonist. In any event, the polygraph results can be weighed along with the testimony to try to reach a fair result for the parties and the American people.

One thing is for sure: The nation is ill-served by the current “state of affairs,” no pun intended. Our sense of justice and the justice system as a whole have totally broken down, and ironically, Brett Kavanaugh, a nominee to our highest court, is the current victim.