Hillary Clinton at the American Federation of Teachers Union on July 13, 2018 (Video screenshot)

Hillary Clinton at the American Federation of Teachers Union on July 13, 2018 (Video screenshot)

Bad Lip Reading has released a video in which Hillary Clinton boasts of buying locusts, and Bill getting upset and crying, prompting her to do “that prank where I scratched his vein open.”

“And I remember he just bled so good.”

The comments aren’t real.

They’re created and dubbed into an actual video of Hillary, turning it into what a viewer calls one of the “greatest” videos of all time.

See the video:

Mashable pointed out, however, that the dubbed video of Hillary Clinton “comes out with really poor timing.”

“In the video, Hillary shares humorous, personal stories about Bill Clinton being afraid of locust, forks, being on Tinder, and dancing for money.

“Maybe if we weren’t constantly in the thralls of political upset, this would be more amusing. Considering the meltdown happening with the Supreme Court, I don’t think anyone’s really in the mood to see politicians be silly, or hear goofy fake anecdotes about men who have been accused of sexual misconduct at the moment,” the report said.

However, many of the thousands who had commented already on the BLR channel were in love.

“”This was HILLARYous!…” said one.

“So there I was, just this popular blonde, and there was this fork in my britches,” “Hillary” states in another story.

She states, “That joke was much better in my head.”

It’s not the first wildly successful video from the group:

In August, the group revealed the press conference at the White House that never will happen.

“This is how I want ALL of my news from now on,” wrote Mechanical Ninjineer.

“Before it started I was like ‘oh noo hasn’t she been through enough already,’ and then it started and you turned the tables completely. Lol.. Funnn times! I’m still giggling even several minutes after it’s stopped,” said another.

Then a year ago, the group did one of President Trump’s inauguration, where the president “told” Barack Obama, “I pretend I like you but I hate you.”

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