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Like presidential administrations of the past four decades, the Trump White House is working on a proposal for peace in the Middle East, reports Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

But the grand mufti of Jerusalem has affirmed a roadblock to peace with his declaration that Muslims are the rightful owners the land of Israel and must possess it forever.

Anyone who would give up the land is “an infidel and a traitor to Allah,” said Sheik Muhammad Hussein, according to the Middle East Media Research Institute.

On Sept. 3, the website of Dar Al-Ifta Palestine, the Palestinian fatwa institution, published an official statement by Hussein in which he “reiterated the fatwas banning both selling Palestinian land to ‘the enemies’ and accepting compensation for land appropriated by Israel,” MEMRI said.

Hussein complained of the theft of Palestinian property “by the Israeli occupation.”

He cited the Oct. 31, 1996 decision of the Palestinian Authority’s Supreme Fatwa Council and the fatwas issued by Dar Al-Ifta Palestine, the Palestinian fatwa institution.

They state: “Palestine is a land of waqf and kharaj, and according to Islamic law no part of it may be sold, nor may its ownership be transferred to the enemies – because according to this law it is considered the property of the Muslim community and not the private property [of any individual]. Any transfer of ownership of Dar Al-Islam [land] to the enemies is null and void and constitutes a betrayal of Allah, of His Messenger [the Prophet Muhammad], and of the trust of Islam [placed in the hands of the believers].”

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