(Engadget) One of the most popular memes of recent times is sexist, according to Sweden’s advertising watchdog. A Swedish Internet company named Banhof jumped on the bandwagon by sharing the viral “distracted boyfriend” meme online to advertise job vacancies, only to be chastised by the regulator. The image — which shows a man gawking at a woman in a red dress while his girlfriend looks on in shock — is discriminatory to both men and women, ruled Sweden’s Reklamombudsmannen.

Banhof’s repurposing of the meme showed “you”, the distracted boyfriend; “Bahnhof”, the woman in a red dress; and “your current employer”, the girlfriend looking on in horror. Posted in April, it drew almost 1,000 comments, many from women who lambasted it as sexist, according to The Guardian. In case you’re curious, Google offers this translation of the ad: “Looking for a new job? Right now, we are looking for sales staff, operating engineer and a distinguished web designer. Check out our free services page here.”

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