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Teen who murdered Israeli lauded as 'victim'

Jerusalem at dusk from the Olive Mountain

A Palestinian teenager who stabbed and killed an Israeli father in the parking lot of a supermarket this week is being lauded by Palestinian media as the “victim,”¬†reports¬†Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

According to the Palestinian Authority’s Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, the teen, Khalil Jabarain, “was wounded by a number of bullets fired by the occupation’s soldiers.”

He then was “left bleeding on the ground for more than 20 minutes.”

The report described him as an 11th grade student in a “science study track.”

However, Palestinian Media Watch, which documented the report, provided a “rest-of-the-story” explanation.

Jabarin mortally stabbed Ari Fuid, 45, and the father of four children, the report said. He was stabbed in the back and was able to fire his weapon at Jabarin, wounding him before he died.

Another civilian on the scene also fired at Jabarin, the report said.

Those were the “occupation’s soldiers” cited by the PA.

The headline even seemed to suggest that the shootings might have been unprovoked, stating, “The shooting and wounding of the boy Khalil Jabarin, and his arrest claiming that he killed a settler next to ‘Etzion.'”

“The report continued to insinuate this, stating that Jabarin ‘stabbed a settler according to the Israeli occupation’s version,’ and even accused Israel of neglecting the injured terrorist, claiming he was ‘left bleeding on the ground for more than 20 minutes,'” PMW said.

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