I’ve just watched – and rewatched – one of the most important documentaries I’ve seen in my lifetime.

It’s called “The Creepy Line” – a powerful indictment of Google and Facebook, the nexus of what I have dubbed “The Speech Code Cartel.”

But Google and Facebook are much more than a threat to freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom of religion. They are also, as this movie demonstrates so persuasively, a threat to your privacy and the future of free elections in these United States – this November, in 2020 and beyond.

I urge you to see “The Creepy Line” as soon as you can. It should be available for download on Amazon and iTunes soon. I wish it were going to be shown in every movie theater in America and on television. It’s that important.

Watch “The Creepy Line” trailer:

I now realize my own assessment of the threat posed by Google and Facebook has been understated. They, in fact, represent an existential threat not just to the independent media like WND, but to the future of our country as a self-governing constitutional republic accountable to the people.

While half our country is obsessing about phantom “Russian intervention” in the 2016 election, nearly all of our country is missing the real danger, the real manipulation, posed by these powerful tech companies.

It’s imperative that you see this movie, share it with your friends, your members of Congress, and make it the talk of the nation before the November midterm elections.

Our representatives in Washington do not understand the power of these corporations to reshape America in their own leftist image. We must get through to them – fast. The hour is late. If these monopolies are not reined in quickly, there will be no stopping them in the future. Keep in mind, the No. 1 lobbyist in Washington is Google.

These companies are mind manipulators of the most dangerous kind. People aren’t even conscious of how they are affected by them. That’s how subversive this “collusion” is. While a special prosecutor is wasting tens of millions of dollars of your tax money looking under every bed for Russian saboteurs, no one is investigating the two most insidious threats to free and fair elections in America’s future posed by Google and Facebook.

They must be stopped or totalitarianism will be established in America – not through the imposition of physical gulags, as the movie shows, but gulags of the mind. Maybe we should call them Goolagles.

I know this may sound alarmist and crazy to some of you. Just do me a favor: Watch “The Creepy Line” at your earliest opportunity.

In the meantime, help me get the word out on this threat by sustaining WND, which is on the front lines of this war for your heart, soul and mind. We have been here for more than 20 years – longer than Google and Facebook – defending the Constitution, bringing you the truth without fear or favor and standing up for “we the people,” the American way, and glorifying, to the best of our ability, the One True God.

But we need your help to expose and fight these Goliaths that are attacking us and our ability to get this message out.

They are squeezing us hard, coming in for the kill shot. Only your fervent prayers and financial support can pull us through.

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