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The deadly jackals of the American left

The definition of a hyena in the world famous Merriam-Webster dictionary is “a large animal of Asia or Africa that eats the flesh of dead animals.” Merriam-Webster defines a jackal as “any of several small omnivorous animals (such as canis aureus) of Africa and Asia having large ears, long legs and bushy tails,” and among other colloquial human derivations “a person who serves or collaborates with another especially in the commission of base acts.”

In my view, and based on my experience in fighting the human equivalent of hyenas and jackals since that day in July 1994 when I founded Judicial Watch and later in 2004 when I founded Freedom Watch – Freedom Watch does what Judicial Watch used to do when I ran it for 10 years, which is to investigate and actually prosecute corruption in government and the legal system – these species of meat-eating carnivores most accurately and metaphorically describe the American left.

The American left is mostly comprised of radical socialists and communists, radical anarchists and violent vigilantes, radical atheists, radical pro-illegal-immigrant activists, as well as rabid feminists who, for good measure, are on the hunt to kill their prey, only this week, by destroying Judge Brett Kavanaugh (regardless of whether he is ultimately confirmed for a seat on the Supreme Court). In this way, these radical feminists, allied with unscrupulous, dishonest, immoral and ethically bereft Senate Democrats and other leftist hyenas and jackals, can set an example that they are the kings of the jungle and that all men, their larger prey, are no longer entitled to even a modicum of due process much less equal protection under the law.

Let’s survey the jungle in which these hyenas and jackals hunt their prey to fully understand and take peaceful and legal steps to prevent their hoped-for demise of conservatives, libertarians, people of faith and anyone else who threaten their attempted takeover of the nation. The bottom line is that we conservatives and our allies on the right and center must be “slaughtered” for these jungle creatures to survive in a new radical leftist nation that resembles a dictatorship.

Notwithstanding the current Kavanaugh hunt, furthered by Senate Democrats on the Judiciary Committee, these leftist hyenas and jackals have burrowed into and are ready to pounce on their prey through their infestation in other government and legal institutions.

Foremost among this is the federal judiciary, where 80 to 90 percent of the judges, despite recent Trump appointments, are politicized leftists put on the bench by former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama. Most of these jurists, like their benefactors Clinton and Obama, couldn’t care less about the law and much more the Constitution. Their mission is to devour executive and legislative initiatives put forth not only by President Trump but also his nominal Republican colleagues on Capitol Hill. It is thus no wonder federal lower court and appellate judges have, almost without exception, invalidated most of the president’s executive orders as well as legislative initiatives, only to have their politically motivated and intellectually corrupt rulings be reversed much later by a conservative-weighted Supreme Court. Regardless of eventual Supreme Court intervention, these hyenas and jackals succeed, at a minimum, in slowing the real change that is urgently needed to “Make America Great Again!”

Second, there is Congress itself, inhabited by not just leftist hyenas and jackals, but also Republican establishment ones. This jungle, technically run by these establishment Republicans, has become so non-functional that it is no wonder the nation is on the verge of a Democratic takeover of both chambers, the House and the Senate. At this point in the republic, few among the citizenry accord any respect to the political hacks that occupy space on Capitol Hill. In the face of opposition by leftists, Republicans, led by the establishment likes of Sen. Mitch McConnell and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, save for some temporary tax reform, have accomplished little to nothing of what they promised the American people to be elected, and that is why they are on the verge of being shown the door. As just one example, they broke their promise to reform Obamacare, a key issue upon which they were put in control of Congress. Nor have they even moved to fully fund Trump’s border wall, so necessary for national security.

Third, there is the executive branch of government, where our fearless leader, President Donald J. Trump, is only nominally in charge. Lurking behind the surface are Deep State hyenas and jackals, mostly surrogates and agents of the Clintons, Obama, former Attorneys General Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, George Soros, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan and other radical leftists. In the face of these hyenas and jackals, the disloyal and cowardly Trump-appointed Attorney General Jeff Sessions hides in the trees and under his desk at our so-called Justice Department, for fear these meat-eaters will consume him too as their next meal.

Fourth, how can we forget about the hyenas and jackals in our leftist “fake news media,” and social media sites such as Google/YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Apple and Instagram, which we at Freedom Watch recently have sued. Go www.freedomwatchusa.org to view our class action complaint. These creatures, lacking even a scintilla of honesty in reporting and broadcasting – comprised of the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC and NBC in addition to the social media companies – are spewing forth minute by minute destructive “Goebbels-like” propaganda all intended to have their species enslave us in a “leftist gulag.”

Lastly, we are now compelled to ask how the people can now, at the brink of disaster, peacefully and legally neutralize these hyenas and jackals before they succeed at killing, politically and actually, all of us. I have a plan in this regard; it is called Freedom Watch’s Justice League.

As We the People are the superheroes, through this Justice League we must now take matters into our own legal hands and assert our God given rights to be King of the Jungle, just as our Founding Fathers did in 1776!

The only answer now is to implement citizens’ grand juries to indict, convict, sentence and arrest, peacefully and legally, these leftist hyenas and jackals, and put them behind bars in a zoo in our hometown.

Urgently go to www.freedomwatchusa.org to enlist in and sign up for our Justice League and become a the zookeeper, rather than the next meal of the hyenas and jackals!