Most people are familiar with Paul Harvey’s classic radio piece, “If I were the devil.” (If not, listen to it here.)

Though this piece dates from the mid-1960s, it’s still as fresh and frightening today because, of course, every statement is coming true. In a nutshell, it’s a lazy man’s guide to world domination.

In this column I’d like to discuss, not world domination, but national domination. World domination starts at home.

Domination, as it turns out, isn’t that hard to do. It merely has to be inspired by the world’s enemy, the devil, and voilà.

So what is the easiest way to take over the nation? To examine this question, we merely have to look at the tactics of those who were successful in taking over their own nations (Stalin, Hitler, etc.). This is an ambitious subject to tackle in a 1,000-word column, so let’s see how far I can go.

  • Do as you please. Encourage decadence and immorality by calling it “liberty.” Push immorality as the new norm. Mock self-control. Harass those who object to the normalizing of depravity; if necessary, intimidate and threaten them into silence.
  • Trash religion. Take God out of the equation and encourage people to become their own gods. That way, everything they do is justified in their own eyes, and they are not restrained by any higher power. (To paraphrase Dostoevsky: If there is no God, everything is permitted.) Make morality subjective rather than based on Judeo-Christian traditions and values. Anyone who tries to “bitterly cling” to those silly fables should be mocked, ridiculed and excluded.
  • Popularize violence and immorality. Flood television screens and movie theaters with visual stimuli dripping with sexual or bloody excess to dull peoples’ senses and make peace and morality seem boring by contrast. Portray immortality as normal, and depict religious people as either hypocrites or evil. Show immorality as being utterly without consequences. Make sure the immoral characters are sympathetic and come out as winners.
  • Destroy the family. It’s critical to disrupt, destroy and redefine families, since these societal units will just get in the way of the new agenda. Portray it as normal for husbands and wives to hate each other and fight all the time. Portray it as normal for teens to explode into horrible rebellion and spend their adolescence fornicating and doing drugs. Portray it as normal for divorce to tear families apart. Exalt the single parent. Punish parents who discipline their children. Be suspicious of happy families; label them as abnormal and closely examine them; be ready to tear them apart if necessary (Child Protective Services?) because hey, no one can really be that happy, right?
  • Abolish self-control. In a feel-good society, no one should be expected to exercise any restraint whatsoever. Teach people – especially young people – that self-control is not only unnecessary but wrong. If it feeeeels good, do it.
  • Cultivate envy. The rich are only rich because they are lucky. They don’t deserve their wealth, even if they worked 18 hours a day for 25 years to get it. All their money should be redistributed. Vote for anyone who promises to sock it to the rich.
  • Encourage hatred. Accuse anyone who disagrees with you of being a racist and a white supremacist, no matter what the subject. Make everyone sputter a denial and apology every time; it weakens their position. Separate people into either “oppressors” or “victims” – then punish the “oppressors” for crimes they never committed and reward the “victims” for crimes they never experienced.
  • Encourage a welfare state. Nothing kills ambition or incentive better than free everything. No one should have to work for life’s necessities. Declare such things as housing, transportation, education, health care, etc. as “rights” that should be distributed by the government, especially if the government steals more money from “the rich” to do it. Vote for anyone who promises to keep the freebies coming.
  • Encourage illegal immigration. Legal immigrants have the unfortunate habit of coming to this nation, learning English, working very hard, buying homes, educating their children and becoming business owners. In short, they assimilate. These people are bad examples, and every obstacle should be put in their path. Instead, throw open the borders and welcome a flood of illegal immigrants. Ignore factual statistics of drug smuggling, human trafficking, violent crimes and other petty issues. Give these illegal immigrants free food, housing, education, medicine and transportation. Oh, and make sure they vote only in approved ways.
  • Capture the press and dominate the internet. The only permitted point of view is the satanic one; label anything else as “intolerant.” Social media and internet search engines must only be geared to find positive information on approved positions. Moral or ethical opinions and viewpoints must be shadow-banned or censored.
  • Capture the children. This is critical, possibly the single-most important facet of world (certainly national) domination. Because adults tend to be stubbornly resistant to devilish tactics, it’s essential to get children away from their parents and education them only in satanically approved ways. Homeschooling should be abolished, or at best made so difficult that parents give up. Take away pride in the nation, and teach children our country is evil and oppressive. Refuse to study the founding documents lest children get a notion that our nation is unique and special. Teach kids the Founding Fathers were white supremacist monsters. Keep children ignorant of economics, and teach them everything should be free. Drown them in sexual permissiveness so they never learn self-control and spit on the sanctity of marriage. Let them know clusters of cells are not babies and Planned Parenthood is their savior. Mess up their young minds (and bodies) with faddish notions like transgenderism. Fill their unformed brains with earth-worship, and punish them when they express religious devotion (except to Gaia). Teach them that emotion should override logic at all times. Remove parental authority, which also removes God’s authority.

Hey, you know what? A brilliant man (inspired by the devil) summed it all up in a tidy instruction book entitled “Rules for Radicals.” Gosh, it’s almost like he listened to Paul Harvey and followed the devil’s advice word for word.

Imagine that.

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