It must be obvious to everyone by now that this whole thing about Christine Blasey Ford is an attempt by Democrats to run out the clock. Democrats want to see if they can win back the Senate in November before they allow the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Ford and her attorney, Debra Katz, have used every trick possible to delay the Senate if only for one day here and a day there. Reschedules. Can’t fly. I’m scared. Need more time. Those days add up.

Democrats do not intend to stop Kavanaugh on the merits of Ford’s accusations. They just want to stop Kavanaugh by any means. Ford and Katz are activist liberals, liberal soldiers for the resistance. Hardcore. Saul Alinsky: “The end justifies the means. Lie if necessary.”

Right now, Democrats are just trying to extend the full Senate confirmation vote by any means possible. To drag it out into 2019 in hopes that Democrats will win back the Senate and then stop any nomination by Trump – obstruction.

If the Senate schedules a floor vote on the nomination of Kavanaugh, Katz’s next step will be to have Ford file charges of attempted rape against Kavanaugh in Montgomery County, Maryland, at the last minute. That will force the police to do an investigation, which will stop the Senate floor vote. Maryland has no statute of limitations on attempted rape. Maryland is a most blue state. Montgomery County is the domain of federal employees – the deep state. This will be the ultimate delay, a long delay even if the prosecutor eventually drops it. The damage is in the delay, not in an indictment.

Now that a second woman, Deborah Ramirez, states that Kavanaugh exposed himself to her in college, without verification, witnesses or any other proof, and that her political bias is also liberal, it is even more obvious that Democrats are only interested in stopping Trump from getting his nominations confirmed – by using any means possible. Lie if necessary. The end justifies the means.

So this is my suggestion, which needs to be implemented now, today, immediately, in order to get a Trump nominee confirmed by mid-November:

Kavanaugh should state immediately: “Just as with the allegation by Ford, this second allegation by Ramirez is a lie. It never happened. It is obvious that there are some people who will stop at nothing to prevent me from being confirmed … even lies. Investigation of these charges will delay the process considerably, even though they are false. And it is obvious that delay is the goal of Democrats. This will cause great harm to the nation and will hurt my family immensely. Therefore, I am asking President Trump to withdraw my name as a nominee for the Supreme Court.”

Then Trump should release a statement saying: “The left will stop at nothing to stop Brett Kavanaugh from being confirmed to the Supreme Court. They consider the harm to America and to his family as just ‘collateral damage’ in their political war of obstruction and resistance. Democrats are practicing the tactics of Saul Alinsky by demonizing, obstructing and lying if necessary, because they believe that the end justifies the means. Therefore, it is with great regret that the request of Judge Kavanaugh to remove his name from nomination is accepted. In his place, it is my great honor to nominate another great American, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, to be an associate justice on the Supreme Court of the United States. This current Senate now has 90 days to research Amy and vote on her confirmation before the new Senate is seated in January. Let’s do it by Thanksgiving, two months from now. That should be plenty of time.”

The left will not be able to stop Barrett from being confirmed. Or will Democrats fabricate some men that she exposed herself to? Or maybe some guy who will claim that she tried to rape him? As a bonus, Barrett is much more conservative than Kavanaugh.

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