When the 2016 presidential election results came in and GOP nominee Donald Trump had defeated Hillary Clinton, long considered the Democrats’ entitled candidate, Mark Taylor and his friends weren’t surprised.

They expected Trump to win, based on what Taylor had been told, he believes by the Holy Spirit, five years earlier.

The story of his stunning prediction soon was told in a book called “The Trump Prophecies.”

Now it’s on the silver screen, scheduled in theaters for special showings Oct. 2 and Oct. 4 only.

The book recounts how Taylor, a retired firefighter, was given a message on April 28, 2011, that said Trump would be the next president.

That was years before Trump even announced his candidacy.

The sequence of events came to the attention of New York Times bestselling authors Don and Mary Colbert, who wrote the book.

The movie now explores the power of prayer and Taylor’s vision of the future. It chronicles Taylor’s journey from the trauma of his work as a firefighter to the election night results that few forecast.

It was in the middle of the night in 2011 that Taylor saw Donald Trump on television and then wrote in his journal: “This man will be the next president.”

The book and the movie explore a movement that began as people started to seek God and pray that He would near the nation’s cry and turn hearts back to Him.

“This has not ended, many are still praying for this today through this movement. It was not a prayer movement to elect President Trump – that would be a short-sighted prayer and it would be putting hope in man rather than in Whom our hope belongs,” movie promoters explain.

The trailer:

The book shows how God will use anyone to communicate His message. It recounts the miracle election of 2016, the role the people of God play in the future and how the “enemy” has used distraction to keep Christians’ focus off God.

The movie, produced by ReelWorks Studios, is being hosted by Fathom Events.

“I was given the book by a friend who, after reading it, was moved to ask me to consider meeting with Mary Colbert and Mark Taylor to discuss the potential of making this remarkable story into a feature film,” CEO of ReelWorks Studios and producer Rick Eldridge, said.

“After I read it, I thought it would make a powerful and empowering film. I took the idea to my team and we decided to move forward.”

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