As the homosexual and transgender agendas advance, there’s evidence that unisex changing rooms at public swimming pools are becoming a “magnet” for sexual offenders.

According to Britain’s Daily Mail, 90 percent of 134 complaints cases linked to recreation facilities reported last year in the United Kingdom took place in unisex changing rooms.

The Sunday Times of London found that in 2017-18, there were 120 complaints of assault, voyeurism and harassment in unisex changing rooms, compared to 14 for single-sex facilities.

The statistics, the London Daily Mail said “compound fears that unisex changing rooms — which are becoming increasingly popular to accommodate transgender people – pose a danger to women.”

The “magnet” label comes from David Davies, a member of parliament from Monmouth, who said, the figures “show that women and girls are more vulnerable in mixed changing rooms and there is a danger these places are becoming a magnet for sexual offenders.”

The sharing of locations for changing was blasted by Nicola Williams of Fair Play for Women, who said, “Spaces where women are undressed should be single-sex as a matter of course.”

The report cited a number of cases recently when a man was caught covertly filming girls changing at a pool. Another man was caught “stalking” two 14-year-old girls, entering a cubicle next to theirs and trying to film them by putting his mobile phone under the partition.

Noting there are many more single-sex changing facilities than unisex, the Christian Institute said the disproportionate numbers are revealing.

“The government is proposing to change the Gender Recognition Act to make it easier for a man to legally become a woman and vice versa. This could include allowing people to ‘change sex’ simply by declaring it,” the institute said.

“But campaigners say ‘self-declaration’ would endanger women and girls, with some feminists warning it would turn every female facility into a unisex space.”

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