There is no doubt in my mind that President Trump is one of the best and is president “for such a time as this.” I agree 100 percent with Mr. Farah and John Voight. I silently wonder if it will take another Civil War to actually take our country back.

What happens when President Trump is out of office, be it two years or hopefully, after six years? The lawless people like Hillary Clinton, Comey, Obama, Holder and others never go to jail. Their side is free to express themselves through violence.

Corruption has followed the Clintons in every area they have so-called “served.” Most of the Republicans are naked of courage and something we used to say years ago: “guts.”

When the Democrats or Republicans attack President Trump he fights back and does not apologize. Unfortunately, the GOP is full of “McCain’s: gutless, worthless, in name only Republicans.

Friends of mine predict Texas will be a “blue state” in 15 years. We are currently being invaded by illegal immigrants and other people who love Socialism, or are completely ignorant, or do not care of its “after effects.” The cities within our counties are already “blue.” New York and other New England states are where the country started – look at them now.

True Americans need to wake up and President Trump needs to recognize who truly made America great – the King of kings and Lord of lords. King Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel chapter 4 found out the hard way. Humbleness and repentance carries more weight than gold with the God of the Bible.

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