Editor’s note: Maj. Gen. Patrick Henry Brady was awarded the United States military’s highest decoration, the Medal of Honor, and is former president of the Medal of Honor Society.

I am again amazed at the craven cowardice of our politicians and even so-called conservative pundits. If I hear one more time from Fox News commentators that we must take Christine Blasey Ford’s accusation seriously, I will barf. Would they take it seriously if it were directed at them?

Even the fascist left would be outraged if such charges were leveled at them. The difference is, the left would ignore it if it involved one of theirs.

The news media are hoping someone will treat Dr. Ford harshly – that is, honestly – so they can sic the vipers from among the far-left feminist radicals and biased media on them and sink Brett Kavanagh.

Let me be the first.

Ford’s charges are not only outrageous, they are evil. Why do I say that?

This woman is not a dingbat; she is obviously bright and therefore knows the allegations she made are not provable – that the truth absolutely can never be known. She also knows no sane legal authority would take such a case, 36 years old, in which the accuser does not know the year or place it happened, and in which all three people she claims were present as eyewitnesses deny her allegations. Therefore, knowing this vile and unprovable allegation could destroy a man and his family, why did she do such a thing?

The answer is abortion on demand.

The left hates and fears Kavanaugh because he is a Catholic and seems to practice his faith, unlike some judges. Plus there are cowards on the Republican side who are anxious to harm Trump.

I have often said that Adam’s rib was the greatest investment in history. In my faith, a woman, Mary, is revered above every creature in God’s universe. Women are already equal if not superior to men, certainly in my family. But feminists are not fighting for equality; they want privilege and power and will use any means to get it and damn the human costs. Dr. Ford, who reportedly wore a “pussy hat” to a California demonstration protesting Trump, and her lawyers are leftist activists.

Why would the U.S. Senate let such people jerk them around? The demands by Ford and her attorneys are patently absurd – such as insisting Kavanaugh testify first, defending himself against her accusations before she makes them – yet the Senate is groveling to accommodate them.

How in the hell do we get rid of these media-phobic cowards in the Senate? The demands will not stop and will not change one Democrat vote.

There is one politician in the D.C. swamp who does not cower before the media, and that’s President Donald J. Trump. We need to find more like him. Right now, we have too many politicians who would kill a baby on its birthday and who believe you can marry your cat. Their side survives by slander and calumny without regard for human beings.

The sooner America realizes we are not divided by politics – we are divided by good and evil – the sooner we will be able to fix this mess.

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