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Why Kavanaugh's denial is air-tight

Here comes a theory.

Cousin Guerney taught us never to believe a fact unless it’s supported by a theory. This one is based on the strange accusation that has the nation physically unable to fixate on anything else.

I believe Christine Blasey Ford grew up thinking she’d been hit on and abused. I originally thought Brett Kavanaugh did indeed commit teenage horseplay beyond an acceptable limit. The strength of his denial is merely one element that convinces me he’s innocent. A stronger element is the “disparity of passion.”

In any dispute that deadlocks into a “he-said-she-said,” it pays to compare the passion which each party displays in the act of denial. Here we have her account fuzzy and his non-existent. He actually denies even being at the party or knowing anything about it.

And now we see Kavanaugh willing to release his own straps and walk out of brain surgery to clear his name, while Dr. Ford vacillates like an animated cartoon, beginning with zero desire to reveal her identity. Why did she change her mind? I’ll get there soon.

The “killer” element that draws me irrevocably into Kavanaugh’s corner is what I’ll call the utter absence of “Phase Two.” In virtually every single example of a male fallen from grace because of sexually predatory behavior, Phase Two is as certain and as strident as a brass marching band.

Phase One is the initial accusation by the victim, fingering the guilty male. Every case I can think of offers the same drumbeat. While the early stirrings of denial and repeated accusations fill the air, along comes Phase Two.

After a few days a second woman joins the accusation. Then four more abused women come forward. The chorus expands, but the music remains the same. Harvey Weinstein, Les Moonves, Bill Cosby, Al Franken – I can’t think of an exception. But not so with Kavanaugh!

Even now that a “second accuser” has surfaced, I still think the strongest argument that can be made on Brett Kavanaugh’s behalf is how long it’s taken to drum up such a feeble and highly suspect imitation of a genuine Phase Two! And how that second accusation finds it necessary to try to up the ante by alleging acts that are even more abhorrent (and even less credible).

What brought this shameful and dangerous madness upon us? I suspect that when, back in July, Sen. Dianne Feinstein got the accusatory letter from Dr. Ford, she recoiled in disgust. High school! Really? When they were both teenagers? It sounded much too “Saturday Night Live” to do anything but sneer at. If she showed the letter to any of her staff, they likely agreed that to embrace Dr. Ford’s “revelation” would be at best politically worthless and at worst counter-productive. It was a grenade guaranteed to detonate in the face of those who hurled it.

But as it became more and more clear that Kavanaugh was destined to sail through untroubled waters, opinions changed, and those opposed to yet one more conservative elevated to lifetime tenure on the Supreme Court grew more desperate. So why not bring on a world where a totally unsubstantiated accusation can destroy an appointment and an innocent life, and to hell with the world where accusations must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt?

So let the cries of “Rape!” issue forth. Unsubstantiated charges of rape are politically effective. That, the Ford forces figure, is true beyond any reasonable doubt.

So what caused the stutter-stepping from “I want to be anonymous!” to “He tried to rape me!” and then “I’ll testify only after my demands are met”? I’m now in the deep water where courageous theoreticians flourish.

When I read of Dr. Ford’s initial desire to remain anonymous I rejoiced. “No circuses from this lady,” I assumed. Instead, as Bob Woodward said on Fox News, “We’re all awaiting The Greatest Show on Earth!”

I think Ford really wanted anonymity but she was reached – make that “betrayed” – by high-and-mighty Democratic scandalmongers who cared about nothing except damaging Trump, winning the midterms in November and handing America back over to the hard left. “The fate of America – and thereby the world – is in your hands,” they might have told her. “This president is a disaster-in-action. Nothing we’re tried so far to get rid of him has worked. If you agree to surface and tell your story, you will be the political Joan of Arc. We need you to stand up and destroy the Kavanagh nomination.” And that kind of seduction cast the desired spell over Dr. Ford that lasted until sunrise the day after, when she began to hunger for her anonymity of yesterday. And thus started two wars – the visible one between Ford and Kavanaugh and the invisible one between Ford and those Democrat seducers she’s driving insane with her ever-shifting moods and demands.

Study Ford’s stutter-steps and what else can you conclude?

How long will I cling to this brazen theory? That’s easy. Until I hear a better one!