Yes, I’m grateful for the Dr. Ford–Judge Kavanaugh stunt and the indescribable conduct of the corrupt Democrats. Only by living in America today can I begin to believe some of what I divulged from Communist countries as a much younger reporter.

I had the earnest testimony of secretly anti-Communist natives, and I dutifully passed it along to my American readers – but how could I ever believe such stories? Example: People all over the world line their clothing drawers with old newspapers. But not in the first Communist country I visited, Yugoslavia.

Suppose you lined your dresser drawers with old newspapers, and suppose your brother-in-law hated you. It was thoroughly possible that the hateful brother-in-law would contact the UDBA, the Yugoslav Communist secret police, and expose you as a closet admirer of the most recent Communist official to be purged and that, clever as you are, you had saved old speeches this alleged favorite Communist leader had made before he was denounced, and you pretended those old newspapers that carried articles and speeches by that fallen leader were just used to accommodate your underwear!

If you’re in a rush you can leave after this next line. It mattered not at all if those newspapers in your dresser drawers didn’t carry even one word about your dear fallen leader; the accusation alone was quite sufficient to send you away!

I am a political independent, a spiritual conservative and a registered Republican. Of course I’d like to see Judge Kavanaugh confirmed, the Democrats stagger, falter and fail to regain the House and Trump re-elected to continue his undeniably successful agenda. But all these normal, comfortable aspirations of mine vanish like a butterfly’s belch inside a thunderclap compared to what we learned from the Democrats during the Ford-Kavanaugh hearing. This is not your grandfather’s, your father’s or even your older brother’s election.

This is war!

The concept of vaccination is that the injection gives you a very light case of the disease itself, which builds up antibodies that keep you from getting the real thing. Many of us who’ve done time in Communist countries were grateful during the 2016 campaign that socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders had to answer questions about Venezuela’s disastrous meltdown under socialism. He handled those questions badly, angrily declaring that he was not running for the presidency of Venezuela but rather for president of the United States. We were further pleased when analysts proved Sanders’ “Medicare-for-All” promise would cost way up into the trillions. That was what we called good economic vaccination against what the left was pumping for.

Now the stakes have escalated. A socialist on a radio talk show was asked, “Why, if America is so rotten, does everybody want to live here?” He stupidly replied, “Because that’s where the money is.” Not exactly. The American achievement of an independent judiciary, due process, the right to a speedy trial, the right to confront your accuser and, above all, the presumption of innocence until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt are the engines that have turned America into the major mother-magnet for immigration in the entire world.

In Nazi Germany and under Soviet Communism, as well as in many countries today, there were no such glorious guarantees. A mere accusation will suffice. We have now witnessed that beast close-up, the beast of “accusation equals proof beyond any reasonable doubt.” If that beast is permitted to live in America, it will devour America as we’ve known it.

In wartime we are all soldiers. In the murder of due process we must all be politicians. The American system of justice is a crown jewel of civilization itself. Dr. Ford got deferential treatment plus an extra week featuring another FBI investigation without one shadow of evidence or corroboration. And already there are calls to ban Judge Kavanaugh from coaching girls’ basketball! And Sen. Feinstein – who for 20 years had a Chinese spy as her driver! – now assures us neither she nor her staff leaked the Ford letter.

Don’t let them steal America’s jewelry of justice. Revolutionary patriot Nathan Hale said, on the gallows near New York’s Grand Central Station, “I regret that I have but one life to give for my country.”

I’ll see you and raise you, Nate.

I wish I had a million lives to throw into the fight to keep America just. Accusations are the beginning of a process, not the end. And the Founding Fathers did a far better job than the Democrat Party on what comes next!

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