Arnold’s apology signals masculinity’s extinction

By Kent G. Bailey

In 2004, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger used the term “girly man” to describe male politicians (mostly Democrats) who were short-sighted, fearful and unwilling to take risks for the sake of the country. This inspired a two-part analysis on my part entitled “Girly Girls and Girly Boys: The Ancestral Roots of Man-Think Versus Fem-Think (Part I)” and “The Effects of Fem-Think on the American Way of Life (Part II).” Of course, Schwarzenegger’s sobriquet created a firestorm of outrage from liberals, Democrats, feminists, and gay and lesbian activists, but Arnold offered no apologies.

At the time, the left saw the term “girly men” as a mighty breach of PC etiquette, but most Americans applauded Arnold’s stubborn and gritty non-apology. But now, 14 years later, the Barbarian, Predator, Commando and Terminator has gone down to ignominious defeat at the hands of distaff “warriors” whose only weapons are a tongue barely attached to the intellect and a willingness to rage on until the toughest guy just gives up.

Now Hollywood’s symbol of toughness and masculinity has seen the light and “regrets” his prior insensitivity and use of language that might offend. Arnold’s surrender here is much more than a humorous blip in the war between the sexes; it is a warning signal of the degree to which the feminization of the country has progressed in the last decade. If Schwarzenegger can go down so completely in so short a time, then what about the country as a whole? Will masculinity soon be a thing of the past?

Indeed, the masculine gender – which gave us the civilized and industrialized world we enjoy today – appears on the cusp of extinction. With more men uncertain about gender identity, wearing stilettos, sporting granny buns, suffering dangerously low sperm counts, and under overt and widespread attack by our increasingly feminized culture, the future and health of America is at stake.

Girly men and girly girls

A girly man is uncertain about and possibly repulsed by his masculinity and its rigorous standards and implicit responsibilities. He does not like conflict, demands to be tough and moral interdictions that interfere with his self-indulgent lifestyle. He is a follower and not a leader, and is a poor candidate for soldier, father, high political office, or patriot of the year. He is the essence of “snowflake,” almost surely a Democrat and, for the most part, harmless.

The girly girl is a much more socially problematic entity. All girls are sweet and wonderful beings up to age 5 or 6, but things get more complicated as development slowly progresses toward the female species’ sexual and reproductive mandates of adolescence. Your once gentle and loving baby girl becomes more distant, obsessed with boys, looks and attractiveness, and, eventually, the peer group steals her from you. This is a really rough period for parents.

Ideally, with the aid of church, community and proper education, your surly, party- and peer-obsessed girly girl will begin the perilous trek toward womanhood. Once, fully a woman, she achieves her greatest fulfillment in a loving marriage of adoring and adorable children and a loving, protective and adoring husband. If she is the smart one in the family, the primary wage earner, or a person of great accomplishment, that is the icing but not the cake. Now is the age of the frustrated and perpetually angry woman, which is due – I theorize – not to sexism, patriarchic oppression, or the proverbial glass ceiling but a failed transition from girldom to womanhood.

Ideally, the female of the species makes the transition first from girl-to-woman, and then to the ultimate stage of lady. In the column Genteel ladies vs. Stone Age venuses,” I argued that the developmental stage of “lady” is achieved by few but desired by many. A lady is a person of distinction who goes beyond simple personal happiness and is a cultural pearl of great price. She is a person of poise, civility, generosity and has a refined sense of social presence. I mentioned the duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, as exemplary, and, certainly, Melania Trump is a stellar example of the refined lady. My latest heroic lady is Nikki Haley who has done a fabulous job as U.S. ambassador to the U.N. – and she can knock heads with the best of them!

Traditionists, conservatives, Christians and Republicans seem to have many ladies among them, but the wild and wooly lefties of the Democratic Party are currently mired in raucous, raging and politically inarticulate girly girls who range from 10 to 90 in chronological age. The perky and socially attractive Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez represents the left’s kinder version of emotion-dominated and simplistic socialism, whereas the raging, screaming and attacking viragos that dominate Democratic “protests” and in-your-face bullying and anarchy define the dark side. It is shameful that the Democrats seduce these young and often maladjusted girly girls to do their dirty work and thereby jeopardize their hopes of womanhood and even ladyhood. Who would want to date, hire, or marry one of these raging, man-hating creatures?

So Arnold, I am really disappointed in you, and your image with real men is shattered forever. Your sudden and full surrender to the girly girl wing of the left reveals that you are one of them! Like a French girl buying lipstick as the Nazis marched into Paris, you are now a collaborateur in the regressive culture wars roiling the nation.

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