In a world governed by the rule of law and the will of the people, thus we determine how we should live.

It is by no means a perfect world. So, here are some of the things we need to sort out:

  • Do you think biologically born men who “identify” as women should compete against women?
  • Do you think it’s proper for non-Cherokee women who “identify” as Cherokee women to do so?
  • Do you think it’s right for a white woman who “identifies” as a black woman to so do?
  • Do you think women who accuse men of attempted rape for which there is no credible evidence before international audiences are necessarily heroines, or possibly confused?
  • Do you think such men are necessarily villains?
  • Do you believe that sexual identity is simply a state of mind?
  • Do you think society should discriminate against either people of the male or female sex based on past non-adjudicated discrimination?
  • Do you generally believe we should be judged on the basis of “group identity” or individual identity?
  • Do you believe society should give preference on the basis of race?
  • Do you believe society should discriminate on the basis of race?

Do you remember when questions like this were relatively easy to answer? Do you recall when there was general consensus?

Here are some more questions that divide us today:

  • Do you believe your private property is your own?
  • Do you believe your neighbor’s private property is his/her own?
  • Do you think your private property belongs to the state?
  • Do you think your neighbor’s property belongs to the state?

Some others to consider before you enter the ballot box in a couple weeks:

  • Do you believe America, like other nations, has the right to determine who enters the country to visit or reside?
  • Do you believe the nation-state is the best device for governance or should we break down those barriers?
  • Do you think America is worthy of preservation as a nation-state?
  • Do you believe anyone should be able to enter the U.S. with or without permission?
  • Do you believe it would be possible to preserve the nation-state without rules?
  • Do you believe in citizenship?
  • Do you believe the governance of the U.S. should continue under the Constitution?
  • Do you believe in free speech?
  • Do you believe in the free press?
  • Do you believe in freedom of religion?
  • Do you believe in the right to privacy?
  • Do you believe in the right to free elections to determine our future?

I could go, but I think you get the point.

We have an election upon us. Americans have doubtful ever been so confused or divided – certainly not about the basics.

I’m asking carefully crafted, bottom-line questions for a reason.

We should ask them at times like this. We shouldn’t allow ourselves to become confused by others – certainly not the “media,” not “social media,” not “Google,” not “academia,” not demagogues, not “change” agents.

Are there still some bedrock issues on which most of us can agree?

Do we still value civil self-government?

Is it still possible in this age of confusion and division for reasonable people with differences of opinion to sit down together peaceably and work things out?

Or, are we inevitably coming the end of the line for America?

I believe it’s a close call. It shouldn’t be this close.

Do we simply not have enough in common any longer? Is that possible?

Or are we allowing others to divide and conquer us?

We have a few days to think about this rationally, non-emotionally, if we still can.

I’m sure some will find this to be the most incendiary, inflammatory, provocative, subversive pre-election salvo ever. I wouldn’t be surprised to be called “a hater.”

Really, all I’m doing is asking some tough questions that shouldn’t be that tough.

In the end, it’s just a hope and prayer for a little reason, some faith and for God’s grace and providence.

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