Complaint from atheists leads to prayer ban at school events

By Around the Web

(CHRISTIAN HEADLINES) – A Massachusetts school district announced that it will no longer allow public prayers at high school graduations after pressure from a large atheist organization.

The Freedom from Religion Foundation posted a letter it received from a Massachusetts school district promising that they will not allow any more public prayers at graduations and other public events. Canton School District Superintendent Jennifer Fischer-Mueller sent the letter, dated September 5, 2018, in response to a complaint from the FFRF. She told them, “Regarding your letter of June 29, 2018, I am writing to confirm that steps have been taken to ensure that there will be no prayers of religious rituals as a part of any school ceremony (e.g. graduation) or any other school-sponsored event.”

Colin E. McNamara, Esq. authored the June 29letter to which Fischer-Mueller responded. In the letter, he said a “constitutional violation occurred at the 2018 Canton High School graduation.” He informed the district that the violation occurred when the school introduced Reverend Dr. John Tomilio to deliver an invocation.

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