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Game-show legend 'apologizes' for being rich

Chuck Woolery (Twitter profile)

The original host of “Wheel of Fortune” who has also headlined other classic TV game shows including “Love Connection,” “Scrabble” and “Lingo” is now issuing a tongue-in-cheek apology for accumulating wealth.

“I will apologies (sic) for being Rich,” Chuck Woolery tweeted Monday night.

He added that he did not “mean to. I just worked real hard.”

Woolery explained that he “Found a Job I really loved and BAM I became a celebrity. I’m sorry, it just happened, not my fault.”

In the spirit of social responsibility, Woolery explained he pays his fair share into the national treasury.

“I pay a lot of Taxes too. Cr-p, what a burden.”

He concluded with a note of humility, saying: “I’m just an average guy that got Lucky with 6 shows.”

Woolery hosted “Wheel of Fortune” from 1975 to 1981 until a contract dispute with creator Merv Griffin prompted him to be replaced with current host Pat Sajak, according to IMDb.com. He also hosted a revival of “The Dating Game” in 1997 as well as the big-money game show “Greed: The Series” on Fox from 1999 to 2000.

He is a self-described Hollywood conservative and a political activist who co-hosts the Blunt Force Truth podcast with author Mark Young.

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