The blood libel against the Jewish people has been around for centuries.

One of the most common is that the Jews use the blood of children in matzos.

Now a journalist from Jordan not only has repeated such claims in a new article, he’s also asserting that only “thousands” of Jews died during the Holocaust and that Muslims suffered a much greater toll when they were driven out of Spain in the 15th century.

Jordanian journalist Tahsin Al-Tal, writing at Gerasanews.com, said Muslims should not be cheering for Spanish teams “as though the blood of the Arabs and Muslims has dried.”

“[They do this] even though the screams of pain are still echoing as though the horrific scenes happened only a few months ago, not 500 years ago when the Islamic state in Andalusia collapsed after 800 years in which [Muslim] Spain was a beacon of knowledge, power and political [leadership] for the world,” he wrote.

The comments were spotlighted by the Middle East Media Research Institute.

MEMRI said Al-Tal wrote “that there is no tangible evidence that the Jewish Holocaust actually happened, except for a few photos circulated by Jews, and that, even if it did happen, the number of Jewish victims probably did not exceed several thousand.”

“The Jews, he added, harness the Holocaust for the sake of their homeland, and use the phenomenon of anti-Semitism to justify their cruelty against the Palestinians and against Muslims and Christians in general. He also claimed that Jews perpetrated atrocities in the countries where they lived: ‘killed children and monks and sucked their blood like bats.'”

Al-Tal wrote: “Today, in the third millennium, there are no more than 15 million Jews. If Hitler had [really] killed six million of them, he would have exterminated them completely, leaving only a handful. This handful could not have spawned millions of Jews since World War II.”

He continued: “Let’s say Hitler killed a few thousand Jews, among the millions he killed during World War II. Wars kill millions of people, because weapons of [mass] destruction do not distinguish between women, children and men, or between people bearing arms and [civilians] bearing olive branches. They treat everyone equally. As for the Jews, their chronic problem with Germany stems from their ability to harness the so-called Holocaust in the service of their state in Palestine. To be honest, [the Jews] often have the ability to bargain, behave hypocritically, change their positions in accordance with their interests and slither like snakes in order to get what they want. ”

He said the Jewish people “have used Semitism and anti-Semitism to justify their deeds and their barbarity, and to perpetrate depraved massacres not only in Palestine and the Arab countries but in [other] countries where they lived and where they intermingled with Christians and Muslims.”

“They killed children and monks and sucked their blood like bats.”

He claimed Muslims in Spain were killed by being pressed in nail-filled coffins and worse.

“Terrible implements were created in order to torture the Arabs and Muslims, including implements for crushing bones and pulverizing flesh. They would start by crushing the bones of the legs, then the bones of the chest and arms and finally the head. The body was slowly pulverized, turning it into a mass of crushed bone and bloody minced flesh. There were also man-sized boxes in which the Muslim was placed, his hands and feet bound in chains and shackles to prevent him from moving. The upper part of the box had a hole in it, through which cold water was poured onto [the person’s] head until he went mad and died of the excruciating pain.”

Al-Tal said the Spanish also would “burn people in front of the masses, because the king preferred to see the Arabs being burned before his eyes.”

“He even urged the [Inquisition] courts to issue more sentences of [death by] burning and [also] to grill the bodies of women and children. Even those who converted and wore a cross were not spared these punishments. It was as if the Spanish wanted to get rid of the Arabs and Muslims at any price.”

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