Kathleen Willey

Kathleen Willey

A woman who claims Bill Clinton raped her while he was attorney general in Arkansas is asking the public to help another woman who says the former president sexually harassed her.

The plea comes from Juanita Broaddrick via Twitter on behalf of Kathleen Willey:

A former Democratic activist, Willey retold her story during Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

“She’s a money-hungry hypocritical witch who will do anything for money,” Willey told the American Mirror at the time.

She commented on a 17-second ad in which Hillary Clinton stated: “I want to send a message to every survivor of sexual assault. Don’t let anyone silence your voice. You have a right to be heard, and you have a right to be believed. We’re with you.”

Willey pointed out she got a different message from Hillary when she accused Bill Clinton of sexually assaulting her.

“She believed what happened for sure. She just chose to ignore the plight of all of his victims, thus enabling him to continue to abuse and rape women in the future,” Willey said.

“She’s a lying pig. I cannot believe that she had the gall to make that commercial. How dare she? I hope she rots in hell.”

Willey goes way back with the Clintons. While serving as a volunteer in the White House and facing financial hardship, she says she met with Bill Clinton in the Oval Office to request a paying position. But instead of getting help, she says, she was subjected to “nothing short of serious sexual harassment.”

Distraught, Willey fled Clinton’s presence, only to discover that her husband had committed suicide that same afternoon.

Just a few days ago, supporters started a GoFundMe page for Broaddrick, who promptly asked them to shut it down.

But when she found out Willey needed help, she jumped right in.

“My friend, Kathleen Willey, is about to lose her home. While the Clintons make millions through criminal activities and crooks like Strzok, McCabe, etc. raise hundreds of thousands through gofundme – she is struggling. Please read & contribute if you can,” she wrote.

Willey wrote on Facebook: “Dear FB friends. I believe in the power of prayer and I am in great need of them. My mortgage company has told me that they will be arriving at my home on November 5. With the help of the sheriff, they will remove everything in this house and put it all in my driveway. 21 years of my life. They will put my beloved animals in a shelter. What will my 1 little, blind Liam do without me. What will I do without them? I have nowhere to go. Nowhere. Please, please pray for me. I don’t know what will become of me. I need all of you. I can’t imagine living in a shelter, which can be very dangerous. Thank you for your prayers.”

On GoFundMe, a campaign in her name had raised nearly $20,000 of a $50,000 goal on Monday.

The campaign said: “Thanks to all of you for your understanding and support through these turbulent years. Ever since I became involved in the Clinton impeachment 21 years ago (not of my doing, I was subpoenaed,) I have not been able to find meaningful employment. I ‘almost’ got a lot of positions, but nothing ever came to fruition. Sitting across the desk from a recruiter and saying that your name is ‘Kathleen Willey’ is not easy!

“What money I did have simply disappeared on living expenses. I ran out and am now living on Social Security, which never lasts the entire month. I am ‘under water’ and selling this house is not an option. I would be left with nothing,” the campaign explained.

She cites income of $1,318 a month.

“I still look for work every day, but it’s hard at 72. I have no family on whom I can count for support. I love this little house in the woods. It’s the only place I can find peace, solace and some source of serenity. I can’t even let myself think about packing and putting everything into storage. I had surgery on my back last year and moving seems beyond my abilities.

“I need a miracle. These people are ruthless. I begged them to work with me, but they just kept on walking away from me,” she said.

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