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Oregon GOP files complaint against Gov. Brown

(Washington Times) The Oregon Republican Party filed a complaint Wednesday against Democratic Gov. Kate Brown over multiple allegations that she used public funds for campaign purposes.

The complaint cited a Project Veritas sting in which former Brown campaign manager Michael Kolenc alleged he was fired in 2016 because Ms. Brown’s chief-of-staff wanted to run the political operation, a violation of state law.

Ms. Brown has also packed campaign fundraisers into her government-paid trips for official business, such as a two-day trip in May in which she gave a commencement address in Boulder, Colorado, and hit 10 campaign events at a cost to the state of $8,277, according to a Forbes investigation.

“These reports show a clear pattern of unethical behavior and misuse of public funds,” Oregon GOP chair Bill Currier said in a statement. “This is particularly concerning since her predecessor resigned under an ethical cloud of similar allegations. Voters deserve a full investigation and to know the truth prior to the November election.”