(TOWNHALL) – I remember giving a speech about a decade ago at a large GOP event in San Francisco. I opened the event by saying, “It’s kind of strange being in a place where you can be openly gay but you’ve got to be a closet Republican.” The crowd roared.

A lot of people hide things in the closet. No one has to hide being gay anymore (thank goodness). And even though I’m a Ronald Reagan-Donald Trump conservative, I have no problem with a person being a reasonable moderate Democrat.

But I do have a problem with candidates being extreme, radical socialist, Marxist or communist. And I have a problem with candidates who hide their true views.

Sadly, that describes many of the candidates in today’s Democrat Party. Radical, wild-eyed extremists have taken over.

Thank goodness for the internet, conservative talk radio and social media. Because thanks to “alternative media,” Democrats can’t hide their radical beliefs and lies anymore. They are being “outed.” And as soon as regular, common-sense, right-thinking Middle Americans hear what Democrats really believe, they are repulsed.

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