The left’s identity politics ‘point system’ explained, Part 1

By Erik Rush

Leftists consistently claim the moral high ground in the area of forbearance, inclusivity and compassion, yet they reserve the most poisonous hatred for one segment of society whom they consider so unequivocally irredeemable that the inconsistency in their doctrine of universal tolerance is well-justified.

Interestingly, as we have seen become so clear in recent years, that irredeemable segment of society – whom they call “the right” – actually consists of anyone who does not wholly subscribe to their political canon and summarily capitulate to any and all of their demands.

Thus, it should not be surprising that a majority of Americans now qualify for inclusion in this category.

Last week, a friend tagged me on a news item they’d posted on social media. When I clicked over to look at the item, I noted that the featured photograph appeared to contain as its subject the open door of an enormous aircraft hangar. Upon closer inspection, I realized that what I’d mistaken for a gaping aircraft hangar door was actually California Rep. Maxine Waters’s gaping mouth.

The article on which I had been tagged was merely reporting on the most recent of Ms. Waters’s crude and insulting rants against President Donald Trump and his supporters. There have been many of these, to be sure, but all such news pieces have carried photos of the representative and are invariably dominated by her cavernous, gaudily painted mouth.

I’ve discussed the dramatic increase in incendiary rhetoric on the part of the political left in this space on several occasions, and that of Rep. Waters in particular. In pondering both of these, I suddenly came to a startling conclusion: The level of ferocity leftist operatives exercise in doling out this divisive rhetoric appears to be in direct correlation to how many “Identity Points” an individual operative possesses, using the left’s own criteria for identity politics as a standard of measure.

Let me explain: Former Vice President Al Gore is a very outspoken leftist. Using the left’s standards, one might say that Gore gets one Identity Point for being a leftist. Being a white guy, he’d get no points for ethnicity, since whites are in disfavor among those on the left. A white woman – such as Hillary Clinton – would get two Identity Points, because women are identified as being oppressed by the white-dominated “system.” New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, though white, is awarded an extra Identity Point because he’s married to a black woman (an oppressed minority), for a total of two.

Now, a white man or a white woman such as Sen. Bernie Sanders or former Sen. Barbara Boxer, respectively, could conceivably receive an extra Identity Point each because they are of Jewish descent, but this depends entirely upon the situation at hand. In this day and age of so many secular Jews denying their heritage and liberals onboarding with anti-Semitic factions of the Democratic Party (the Obama wing springs to mind), this advantage has been somewhat diluted.

Certain individuals glean extra points for being members of more exclusive liberal subgroups. Those who self-identify as LGBTQ gain one extra point (aggregated; not one for each letter in “LGBTQ” to which they claim to ascribe). A member of the #MeToo movement garners an extra Identity Point by virtue of having been sexually harassed. Liberal celebrities get an extra point simply for being celebrities, which of course explains why their rancor tends to have more bite than that of many prominent lefties.

Nonwhite liberals have a great deal more latitude where their rabble-rousing rhetoric is concerned. Take the Rev. Jesse Jackson for example: He gets an easy two Identity Points for being a dedicated lefty and a black man. He also gets one for having marched with Dr. King and becoming an iconic figure in his own right. Thus, Jackson can boast a total of three Identity Points. As a result, his provocative utterances have been tolerated for decades. Al Gore could never have survived politically if he’d called New York “Hymietown.”

The continuum of leftist vitriol as applied to identity politics is also emblematic of the inherent racism of the leftist establishment. Leftists, most of whom are still lazy, middle-class white people, view blacks and certain other ethnic minorities (like Latinos) as ignorant loudmouths, so when they act in this manner, it is tolerated by lefties at large. Were this not the case, the ignorant loudmouths of color among them would be reigned in as a matter of course.

Given this criteria, someone like Rep. Maxine Waters (a genuinely ignorant loudmouth) gets a full three Identity Points: One for being a dedicated lefty, another for being a woman and another for being black. This is why she has been able to incite harassment, gang stalking and violence against political opponents with impunity.

Were Rep. Waters a lesbian as well, she would enjoy a full four Identity Points, and could probably get away with calling for President Trump to have his privates ceremonially removed with a belt sander on the National Mall.

Next week: Kanye West, Barack Obama and other exceptions to the identity politics “Point System.”

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