Perhaps we’ve all allowed ourselves to become stupid about America’s previous efforts in the world. Do we honestly think the mainstream media airheads are going to tell us the truth about our world today? Or about how we handled a problem in the past?

The hyped invasion through our Southern border by migrant caravans is a perfect example. MSM discussion is all about whether President Trump will order the military to shoot them to stop them. But here is how another president handled a difficult border issue in our modern history.

In the days after World War II, the one-time allies had begun to argue about how Germany should be divided up. reports, “On June 24, 1948 the Soviet Union blocked all road and rail travel to and from West Berlin, which was located within the Soviet Zone of occupation in Germany.”

There was considerable discussion about a military response against the Soviets. President Harry S. Truman ordered a massive airlift of supplies, instead. The Berlin Airlift began two days later and continued for almost a year, delivering food, clothing, water, medicine and other necessities for over two million residents of the Soviet-blockaded portion of the city. These were propeller aircraft that flew from bases in England and Western Germany.

Try to wrap your head around that. The American military, after fighting World War II, kept two million people alive by airlifting supplies for nearly an entire year. In doing so they defied a Russian land blockade designed to starve the population into submission.

Folks, removing a caravan of five thousand people or fifty thousand people intent on crossing over our Southern border with Mexico is barely even a proficiency exercise for our military. The president has already signed a national emergency order for the southern border. They can be picked up, zip-tied, identified, loaded on buses and transported to a military base. There they can be loaded onto a military airplane and returned to where they came from.

The Democrats are not going to get their midterm election side show out of this event. That’s because we have competent people running our nation. Let’s keep it that way, shall we?

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