Where the crazies came from

By Mychal Massie

During the confirmation process of the now-confirmed Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh, we saw the worst humanity America has to offer. They used every means available including the predictable phony sexual-assault allegations, which became more salacious with each accuser. A question I was asked most often during this process was: “Where do they find people like Christine Blasey Ford, et al.?” Bear with me, and I’ll explain by taking you on a walk through history.

Remember the violent radical groups of the 1960s and early 1970s. They included the Weather Underground, founded by Obama’s BFF (best friend forever) Bill Ayers, whose wife, Bernardine Dohrn, who was No. 4 on the FBI Top Ten Most Wanted List for three years as a domestic terrorist. There was the Black Panther Party. There were numerous other gangs that masqueraded as militant groups in Chicago, Detroit, New York and California. Somehow John Kerry has managed to have Google scrub all references to his having been involved with Bill Ayers and other domestic terrorist groups. All references pertaining to his allegedly taking an active role in a failed plan to harm police officers and government officials has also been scrubbed. Add to this list the Black Liberation Army, the New World Liberation Front, the Symbionese Liberation Army, the United Freedom Front, the Family, Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and the FALN.

These aforementioned domestic terrorist groups shared two objectives in common: 1) the violent overthrow of government, disguised as Vietnam War protests; and 2) nearly all of these groups were founded and funded by militant college-aged “white trust-fund babies.” They also all shared a radical-Marxist ideology. However, their true strength lied in the fact that they didn’t go away. They became college professors, lawyers, politicians and government employees, which brings me to Obama et al.

Obama sycophants deny he is a creation of the aforementioned period. I argue this is the reason for his attempted deconstruction of America. It is also “the” reason he refused to make the single greatest unifying difference in American history. Obama used his skin color as currency or a bludgeon depending upon the situation. He could have in one speech ended the skin-color divide in America. Instead he spent eight years in the White House prostituting every opportunity to advance the idea that America is a racist nation. He used his skin color as a political weapon to silence and intimidate his enemies.

He could have single-handedly put an end to militant anarchy witnessed during Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation process. Instead he elected to exacerbate what was already a seething caldron of loutish neo-Leninist Mohocks who are committed to the overthrow of our constitutional government.

As president he manufactured a Cloward-Piven dystopia that was spread like an airborne disease in the classrooms of his neo-Leninist ideological fraternity kinsman who masquerade as college/university professors nationwide. This explains why Obama spent so much of his time giving speeches on college campuses and fundraising in Hollywood.

The students are gullible and already brainwashed by the teachers inculcating them with hatred and anarchism. Hollywood’s contribution has been to give Obama massive amounts of money while simultaneously producing movies and programs that are laced with depictions of overthrowing government.

Thus, in eight years of Obama as president and the two years since he has left office, we’ve seen rage, protest and anarchy on a scale not witnessed since the early 1970s.

When we examine the Christine Blasey Fords, the Julie Swetnicks, those like Bruce Ohr and Nellie Ohr, and former New York Times reporter Ali Watkins and her lover James A. Wolfe, who corrupted the constitutional process as a Senate Intelligence Committee aide, et al. – it’s easy to understand why Obama is responsible for the “deep state” and why the anarchistic zealots referred to as the mainstream “fake news” media all think alike and accuse alike.

Ergo, the answer to “where do crazies like Christine Ford and Ali Watkins come from” is: They are the progeny and/or creation of the culture Obama represents.

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