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6 Bangladeshis apprehended at Texas border

Vehicle barrier on the U.S.-Mexico border (Wikimedia Commons)

Six Bangladeshi nationals were apprehended at the Texas border with Mexico in two separate incidents within a 12-hour period over the weekend.

Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents during the month of October apprehended at least 75 Bangladeshi nationals, an increase of more than 10 percent over October 2017, Breitbart News reported

During the fiscal 2018 year, which ended Sept. 30, Laredo Sector agents apprehended 668 Bangladeshi migrants, a rise of nearly 270 percent over the previous year’s total.

Breitbart, noting the hundreds of miles of open river border in South and Central Texas, said the migrants paid up to $27,000 each to be moved into the U.S. by cartel-connected human smugglers.

DHS: 500 criminals in caravan

Meanwhile, the Department of Homeland Security said Monday afternoon that more than 500 criminals are traveling with the migrant caravan gathered on the other side of a San Diego border crossing.

DHS officials, in a conference call with reporters, said “most of the caravan members are not women and children.”

Most of the group, DHS said, is single adult or teen males. But as has been previously reported, the women and children have been pushed to the front to gain sympathetic media coverage.

Asked about reports that the U.S. government plans to process asylum seekers on the Mexican side of the border, an official said “all legal options are on the table, and we have been negotiating with all our partners in Central America with ways to deal with the caravan.”

An estimated 6,000 people are in Tijuana waiting to be processed at the San Ysidro border crossing, said DHS, and more are on the way.

‘This is an invasion’

In Tijuana, the Los Angeles Times reported Sunday, the caravan of Central American migrants has roiled the border town.

“This is an invasion!” shouted Luis Alexis Mendoza, 30, among the protesting Tijuana residents in an anti-caravan demonstration that culminated in a standoff with riot police.

The demonstration took place on the street where more than 2,000 Central Americans were being housed in a sports facility, the Times reported.

“We demand respect! We demand that our laws be followed,” the crowd chanted.

Jose Antonio Paz, 32, of Honduras expressed the fear and uncertainty of the migrants in the sports facility.

“We feel trapped,” said Paz, who came with his wife and four daughters. “People came after us with rocks. How can we defend ourselves?”

Border shutdown

DHS shut down the San Ysidro crossing Monday in response to reports that a large number of migrants were preparing to “rush the border.”

DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen speaks to reporters at the White House June 18, 2018 (Screenshot White House video)

Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said the purpose of the shutdown was to harden the border crossing, the Washington Times reported.

“Unfortunately, some members of the caravan are purposely causing disruptions at our border ports of entry,” she said on Twitter. “There is a legal and illegal way to enter the U.S. We have deployed additional forces to protect our border. We will enforce all our laws.”

Nielsen posted photos of workers adding razor wire and barriers.