The circus has come to town. It’s not the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus. It’s a circus of thieves and liars, appropriately named “Liberal Progressive Democrats.” They’re staging shows in Florida, Georgia and Montana. There are no high-wire acts, but there are plenty of clowns and magic acts.

Their magic acts consist of transpicuous demonstrations of how to steal votes, voter fraud, pernicious duplicity and Erebusic jeremiads disguised as denials of wrongdoing.

Stealing elections is not new for Democrats; they wrote the book on it. As a Washington Times editorial said in 2013: “Stealing elections is an old game politicians play. Lyndon B. Johnson, the 36th president, got to the U.S. Senate in 1948 by ‘winning’ the closest race in Texas history by a margin of 87 votes out of more than a million cast. An election judge in tiny Alice, Texas, said he counted more than 200 names on the voting roll for Box 13 that were written in alphabetic succession in the same hand, same color of ink. When a federal court subpoenaed Box 13, it was discovered to be ‘lost.’ LBJ took his seat in the Senate. Voting machines were supposed to put an end to such election-night chicanery, but Earl Long, the colorful governor of Louisiana, where fraud is the national sport, boasted that ‘I can make a voting machine play “Home on the Range” all night long.'” (See: “The Art of Stealing Elections,” Dec. 15, 2013.)

Democrats have mastered the act of conveniently (read miraculously) finding the exact number of ballots they need to steal an election after it has already been called in favor of a Republican candidate.

The Washington Times editorial also reported that in the 2002 gubernatorial election in Washington state, it took three recounts until Democrats were able to find sufficient enough ballots in King County to overcome the deficit they needed to defeat Republican Dino Rossi. In 2013, Democrat Al Franken obtained the additional votes he needed by finding 215 ballots in the trunk of a car. The ballots ultimately were said to have been counted twice.

Democrats have miraculously found tens of thousands of ballots in Florida. In Georgia the rabid black racist Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams is putting on a show of corruption for the ages. In Arizona, Republican candidate Martha McSally held the lead after polls had closed, but magically, three days after the election, Democratic candidate Kyrsten Sinema was ahead by 21,000 votes with 266,000 ballots yet to be counted.

Hillary Clinton has traversed the country caterwauling that she won the election because she had more popular votes than President Trump. Of course, the so-called smartest woman in America omits the fact that presidential elections are not won based upon popular vote; they are won based upon Electoral College votes. She also omits that we’re told over 3 million illegal aliens illegally voted for her, which reasonable minds would think should disqualify her final vote tally.

That the Democrats have a long inglorious record of voter fraud and election theft is a fact, despite their claims to the contrary. But liberal progressives never let facts get in the way of their puppet masters’ strings.

Specific to that point, the last thing we need is an argument regarding whether or not Democrats steal elections. We need Homeland Security, the FBI and the Secret Service to show up at the offenders’ doors with federal arrest warrants. We need President Trump to tell the attorney general of the United States to use the full weight of the Justice Department to send a crushing message that election fraud will not be tolerated on his watch.

We need this cabal of Democratic criminals brought up on the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO). There is no greater example of organized crime than the circus that is the Democratic Party. Bringing RICO charges against Democrat cronies will send a clear and unambiguous message that the price for corrupting our elections will be lengthy prison sentences without parole.

RICO charges have broken the Mafia’s “law of omerta” by causing lower-level mobsters to testify against their bosses or suffer massive prison sentences themselves. They will have the same desired effect on the Democrats’ useful idiots.

This is the United States of America. Voter fraud and orchestrated undermining of elections may be the way in Third World pissoirs, but they will not be tolerated here.

Honest elections were once the benchmark that set America above all other nations. I call for President Trump to take whatever steps necessary to restore our trust in America’s ability to have honest elections.

Let the ringmasters controlling the liberal progressive circus of thieves and liars along with their henchmen serve federal prison sentences that span decades. If there is no punishment for such traitorous behavior, then there is no incentive for these filthy clowns to stop.

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