Alyssa Milano (Twitter profile)

Alyssa Milano (Twitter profile)

You saw her at the Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Brent Kavanaugh – and she wasn’t there to cheer him on.

She left there to campaign for Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum.

The day after that, she was emceeing a fundraising event for the Parkland High School shooting victims.

And this Thanksgiving, she was pledging to raise $100,000 to support the migrant caravan at the border in for “Families Belong Together.”

“Some friends and I are trying to raise $100,000 today to help some people in the fight of their lives, seeking asylum at our southern border,” she tweeted.

Though about 75 percent of the caravan that began in Honduras if reported to be comprised of single young males seeking jobs, the group places its media emphasis on the families – calling them “brave asylum seekers.”

“Families Belong Together is on the ground with the refugee caravan in Tijuana,” the pitch emphasizes. “We’re with individuals, families, and children of all backgrounds and from various countries, who are seeking safety and a better life. Many members have already begun the asylum application process and are waiting patiently to hear back about next steps. These people are fleeing persecution and violence and are legally applying for asylum at a U.S. port of entry.”

What’s the $100,000 for?

“We are coordinating with organizations on the ground who are providing resources to address the most pressing needs,” the group reports.

Brock Simmons, writing in the Gateway Pundit, points out Milano lives in Los Angeles where the homeless populace has risen 75 percent “with an estimated 55,000 sleeping on the streets or in shelters each night.”

“Who else could use this aid?” Simmons asks. “How ’bout homeless veterans. estimates there are 564,000 homeless in the U.S., with 57,000 of them being veterans. An estimated 380,000 children under 18 have experienced homeless that’s lasted one week or longer.”

He also points out the following statistics:

  • 43.2 percent of veterans experiencing homelessness are people of color, compared with 18.4 percent of the general veteran population.
  • 33.1 percent of veterans experiencing homelessness are African American, compared with 12.3 percent of the general veteran population
  • 3 percent of homeless veterans are Native American or Alaska Native and 4.8 percent are multiracial, compared with 0.7 percent and 2.1 percent of the general veteran population.

The 45-year-old former child actress-turned activist has appeared in “Who’s the Boss?,” “Melrose Place,” “Charmed,” “My Name is Earl,” “Mistresses,” and the Netflix series “Wet Hot American Summer: 10 Years Later.”

But in the 1980s, Milano’s political activism began when she contacted Ryan White, a schoolboy ostracized for having AIDS. She attended a party for him where she made friendship bracelets and later appeared on “The Phil Donahue Show,” where Milano kissed White, in order to show that she could not catch the disease through casual contact with him.

In 2007, she appeared in a 2007 advertisement for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals advocating vegetarianism, in a dress made entirely of plant materials.

In 2015, Milano endorsed Bernie Sanders for president. She backed Hillary Clinton in 2016.

In 2017, Milano posted the message which relaunched what is known as the #MeToo movement, which was started in 2006 by Tarana Burke.

She was a prominent speaker at the 2018 Women’s March, but refused to participate in 2019, citing the failure of leaders Tamika Mallory and Linda Sarsour to condemn the homophobia, antisemitism, and transphobia of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.

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