Usually, police investigate a crime to find the criminal. The FBI are our national police. They decided that Trump was a criminal and then started looking for a crime to pin on him – exactly opposite of what police do. They could not find one, so they fabricated one, the same as they did to Al Capone with tax evasion. And Robert Mueller is one of those FBI guys. McCabe, Ohr, Page, Strzok, Comey. Mueller’s actions are totally in violation of due process as stipulated in the Constitution.

So why is Mueller indicting folks for things having nothing to do with Russian/Trump collusion? To get them to sing about Trump to stay out of jail. The problem is that they are not singing what Mueller wants to hear.

Will Michael Cohen start composing rather than singing? Will he spin the truth to save himself? How many in Cohen’s position would compose to stay out of jail for the rest of their lives? Mueller hopes Cohen will compose.

Jerome Corsi and Roger Stone already refused to compose for Mueller. If they hold out, they will win. Unlike Michael Flynn, they have money to take on Mueller. Corsi and Stone just became witnesses for Trump to discredit any composing by Cohen or anyone else. They can help verify that Mueller encouraged composing, which impeaches any testimonies that are not supported with hard evidence.

None of the indictments are for what Mueller was authorized by Rod Rosenstein to investigate. All the indictments (other than those of the 13 Russians) are for leverage to get information. Does Mueller have anything about collusion?

A Republican-controlled Senate will reject anything Mueller claims as “collusion” and will interpret it as having been coerced from indicted plea composers under duress, unless the testimonies are supported by hard evidence. Was it singing or composing? The Senate Republicans just demonstrated with the Christine Ford claims against Brett Kavanaugh that testimony without corroborating evidence will be thrown out by the Senate. It will be treated as composing rather than singing.

Trump lawyers are aware of how tainted any singing or composing will be viewed. They are just waiting for Mueller to make his move, then they will jump all over it. If there is no hard evidence to support any charges, then Mueller is toast. And circumstantial evidence such as Trump investments in Russia prior to the campaign are not hard evidence of collusion.

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