Brooks Ryan, star of film ‘Unplanned,’ tells of miracle birth

By WND Staff

Brooks Ryan
Brooks Ryan

They should make a movie on how this movie was made.

It’s “Unplanned,” a story that’s so hot the creators have had to use fake names for the movie during some of their location shoots.

But it’s developing a number of stories behind the story that may be as powerful as the message it will deliver about America’s abortionists when it’s released next year.

For one, it has Michael Lindell of “My Pillow” fame driving a bulldozer over a Planned Parenthood establishment.

“I’m pro-life and I’m happy to do it,” said Lindell, who also invested in the movie.

But now there’s another back story to the movie in Abby Johnson, once one of the youngest Planned Parenthood clinic directors in the country, who likely was involved in 22,000 abortions.

Then one day she saw something that changed her perspective on abortion.

The second back story is about actor Brooks Ryan, who plays Doug in the movie.

His wife could not conceive, and they prayed.


It’s their baby who will appear in a scene in the movie.

Ryan talks about the struggle in a video:


“My wife dreamed her entire life of having children,” he said.

At one point, during an IVF procedure, he said, she “had a doctor look her in the face and say: ‘You’re wasting your money. You’re never going to have children.'”

Ryan said he and wife were adamant, and they prayed.

Choking up, he said, “Here we are with an almost 8-month-old little girl.”

And his wife is 18 weeks pregnant with their second.

“Life is pretty important for us,” he said.

Ryan excelled in sports as a youth in Oklahoma. But he knew he wanted to act from the age of 12 seeing “Good Will Hunting” in a theater.

His undergrad degree in business management and masters in sports administration eventually gave way to training to be an actor.

Lindell, worth an estimated $300 million, founded the My Pillow company. He invested some $1 million in “Unplanned,” which has been filmed largely in secret because of its opposition to Planned Parenthood.

It’s the second movie Lindell has helped fund, the first being “Church People,” which is in postproduction.

His investment in “Unplanned” was about one-sixth of the requirements.

The makers of “Unplanned” also produced “God’s Not Dead” and “I Can Only Imagine,” which earned nearly $150 million combined.

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