How ironic.

A country that doesn’t exist has derecognized one that does.

Breaking Israel News reported the Palestine Liberation Organization’s Central Council announced its suspension of recognition of the state of Israel.

That’s until Israel recognizes a state of Palestine along the 1967 borders.

In fact, Israel has been recognized as a nation since its independence in 1948. Palestine has yet to be recognized, even though it has lobbied intensely at the United Nations.

U.N. leadership has advanced that cause probably more than any other entity except the Palestinians, giving them a seat on various committees and councils.

National Security Adviser John Bolton recently referenced the “so-called state of Palestine,” causing outrage in the Arab world.

The president has been at odds with the Palestinians over their use of foreign funds to pay the salaries of convicted terrorists.

He revoked U.S. funding and the residency permits for families of PLO officials in response.

BIN reported that this week the PLO Central Council also called for a halt to security coordination with all Israeli security forces in all its forms, as well as a halt to economic ties with Israel.

The recommendations still must go through Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

Israel’s diaspora affairs minister, Naftali Bennett, said the Palestinians “have never been serious about recognizing Israel.”

“They have always been planning to destroy Israel piece by piece and throw the Jews out of our land,” he said in the report. “The charade has ended. They have shown their true colors – the Palestinians are not interested in peace and never have been.”

WND recently reported the PA took the U.S. to an international court for its actions in the Middle East.

The U.S. response was to simply withdraw from an optional provision of the Vienna Convention, meaning it now is shielded from the Palestinian complaint.

WND CEO and Founder Joseph Farah, in a recent commentary, pointed out that the first region called Palestine was an almost entirely Jewish area.

“I’m in favor of the original Palestinian state promised by the British government in 1917, when ‘Palestine’ was a rocky, swampy, barren land populated almost exclusively by Jews who called themselves ‘Palestinians,'” he wrote.

“That Palestinian state was a Jewish state – bigger than the current nation of Israel, which has already been divided up six ways to Sunday in deference to later-arriving Arab populations.”

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