Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz

Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz

Even though it has not been released yet, the final report by special counsel Robert Mueller will likely be “devastating” for President Trump, according to famed law professor Alan Dershowitz.

The Harvard Law School professor made the gloomy prediction Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” program.

“I think the report is going to be devastating to the president. And I know that the president’s team is already working on a response to the report,” Dershowitz said.

“At some point when the report is made public, and that’s a very hard question considering the new attorney general, who has the authority to decide when and under what circumstance to make it public, it will be made public probably with a response alongside.”

But Dershowitz stressed he did not think think the conclusions reached by Mueller will be criminal in nature.

“The critical questions are largely political,” he explained. “When I say ‘devastating,’ I mean it’s going to paint a picture that’s going to be politically very devastating. I still don’t think it’s going to make a criminal case because collusion is not criminal.”

Dershowitz predicted Trump would view the outcome in a similar fashion.

“The president will say, ‘Ah, look, it’s political. There’s their account and there’s our account and then the American public will have to judge their credibility.'”

ABC host George Stephanopoulos tried to convince Dershowitz a crime may have been committed.

“Conspiracy to cooperate with an attempt to defraud the United States government is a crime,” Stephanopoulos said.

President Trump announced June 1, 2018, to reporters the summit with Kim Jong Un is on again (Screenshot)

President Trump June 1, 2018 (Screenshot)

Dershowitz responded: “No, no …it’s too much of a stretch. Conspiracy to attempt to obstruct to the United States government. They’re going to need more than that. What I think Mueller’s going to do if he’s smart, he’s not going to take the chance on being rebutted. He’s going to just lay out just the facts, ma’am. Just the facts. He’s going to lay out the facts, leave it to Congress to decide whether that rises to the level of impeachable offense.

“I still think Trump’s greatest vulnerabilities do not lie with Mueller, they lie in the Southern District of New York because Mueller’s allegations have constitutional defenses. Whereas if there is any shenanigans having to do with business, they don’t have constitutional defenses.”

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